Sunday, 19 November 2017

The A.I. God announced November 19, 2017. Google-Soros-Snopes censorship


See from 4:05 for the preamble to the Google-George Soros-Snopes story...

  • Sunday edition - November 19, 2017
  • Today's news is particularly vital
  • Alex Jones movie "End Game: Blueprint for Global Enslavement" was seen more than 80,000,000 times (2007)
  • It was shot all over the world
  • It's 3.5 hours in total
  • Top scientists and futurists in the movie said the decision has been made to establish a world government
  • The population of the world would be dumbed down and poisoned
  • All religion would be banned - except for: 
  • The religion of worshipping the A.I. computers
  • The worship of one world government
  • The worship of transcending male and female 

The top futurists at Google (NSA, CIA), Microsoft, the UN and UNESCO have all said this about the trans-humanism future plan...

Here's the news broke this week as if this is the first time that anyone had thought of this...  a "brand new idea"...  That there's a new religion and all other "fake religions" will be outlawed. They will merge with A.I. and they will manage you.

  • "They want to control your soul... They want you born into a false system so they can control you so you will never know."
  • "Inside the chilling religion creating the "God-robot", a billion times smarter than humans... everything can be solved through science."

"The Google engineer who has created the first church of A.I. says he's in the process of raising a robot-god who will take charge of humans."
  • Total DARPA front
  • Our young smart engineers is going to be cool and trendy - he's going run it
  • See the Anthony Levindowsky article
  • The creators are intent on merging with the A.I.
  • You can't have your religion, your family, your culture - because they've got a culture they're going to plan into you with their super-intelligence - That's them saying it.

  • These same globalists back dictatorships all over the world
  • They bankrupt farmers making it impossible for humans to live a normal agrarian lifestyle
  • This is engineering of the economy to be anti-human
  • Trump is using normal social engineering to build a world for humans
  • That's why they're so angry
  • They only announcing it now in 2017 10 years after Alex Jones read their documents... and has been warning us
  • They believe that this AI could in a matter of days exterminate all of humanity - but they don't care.
  • Billionaires who meet in the hundreds come out and say: "We've made the decision to kill all of you... We made a grid that's going to take everything over, and we worship this A.I. god. You are obsolete, and the A.I god says 'You must die'." 
  • We've been in meetings with the top billionaires who are senior to us, and they've made the decision to basically take over and kill everyone

The religion is based around eternal life and life extension.
  • Robots are going to have rights
  • This is the take-over plan
  • The A.I. computers can already crunch mass movements, they're just not totally conscious yet, it's believed.
  • Look at television, look at what is happening
  • Elon Musk is saying, "Look out for A.I gods. Look out for people that promote this... It's coming... It's deadly, it's dangerous, it's serious... These people mean business, it's authoritarian... We've got to stop them!"

  • Anthony Levindowsky says, "We will rule you for your own good... You're going to live in a big plastic city... We're going to ban all of your other religions... You're going to worship our machine and it will be the "god of the world".
  • It's all pre-programmed

The robot that Dubai has ordered to replace its police force is 7 foot tall (2.3m) and is almost identical to the THX 1138 robots based off research that George Lucas did for his first movie "THX 1138" (1971).

  • Everything they're doing is for the computers and for the machines to take over
  • They've already chosen sides
  • They believe they're going to be in charge of the machines
  • Everything you see is a revolution, not to empower humanity, but to enslave, to track and control what we do
  • This is life and death.  - Alex Jones

... And then last night it happened. 

Fact check this Snopes!!  >>

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