Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The UK needs a revolution. Say "NO MORE" to the Elite Pedophiles who run Britain

Photo & Article: Sleeping rough in London, where one in every 59 people are homeless, according to the Shelter.

DD said: "This country is failing a lot of people there is around 300,000 people homeless in the uk usage of food banks as risen over 30% people are dying because they can’t afford heating let alone food poverty as risen it’s the highest it’s ever been in this country the housing is just ridiculous over priced damp ridden mouldy property that the mps have caused by basically saying they don’t have to be fit for people and they can charge stupid rent privately social housing is getting smaller and smaller and families are being forced to rent privately the nhs is slowly getting sold of the government keeps saying there ain’t no money for the people of this country and they got do cuts but they got money for the rich to void tax got money for weapons and got money for there expenses and got money for war but got no money for the people of this country 😡 so good to see our taxes are being used for the right things and that people can just carry on as normal this country is fucked and it ain’t going get any better until we all come together and start speaking out the government can’t shut us all up people really need to start speaking up in what is right and put stop to this fucked up goverment determined to destroy this country."

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