Sunday, 5 November 2017

Trump dossier "Collusion with Russia" a complete hoax. DNC hit job. Treason!

Oh my... It's all coming out in the open now!
Transcript notes below.

Video: Ex-British spy paid $168k by Fusion GPS for anti-Trump dossier
Published by Fox Business on Nov 1, 2017
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on Fusion GPS’s involvement in the anti-Trump dossier.

Transcript notes:

Fox anchor Lou Dobbs: Fusion GPS - They seem to have a lot of people who want to protect their secrets. They paid an ex-British spy $168,000 [Christopher Steele] for his work on the infamous, discredited and debunked Trump dossier. 

Dobbs: The group, "Fusion GPS" calls itself an "opposition research group" - they're all of that, plus a smear machine and a lot of other things. 

Tom Fitton - President of Judicial Watch is introduced.

Dobbs: This is a peculiar deal - We find out how much Christopher Steele made to smear Donald Trump.

Fitton:  We've got a real crisis here: We have the FBI and Justice Department fighting to keep the public in the dark on this. We just checked with the FBI the other day, and they can't confirm or deny whether the dossier even exists or not.

Dobbs: There are reports saying the FBI paid for part of the report, they offered to reimburse expenses for it...

Fitton: Why is the FBI letting Congress look at the documents but not letting the American people see them. Why are they telling Judicial Watch that they [FBI] can't confirm or deny whether they exist.

Dobbs:  Congress will [try to] keep their secrets... We've got a ridiculous situation in which we have closed-door hearings with people telling us about "national security" - congressmen, senators - and it's a joke. It's clear that what is broken here is the integrity of our committees and congress, the integrity of our intelligence agencies. There is every evidence of corruption across all of those agencies.

Fitton:  [What is the level of illegality] for the Clinton gang to collude with the Russians and take down Donald Trump. But if the FBI under the tutelage of Barack Obama's administration - his appointees - were also doing this, that is the scandal of this decade. That is the scandal of the last 50 years - if you have the FBI, CIA, Justice Department using this dossier, which is a political hit-job put out by their Democratic allies, to go after an incoming president...  Boy, what a scandal that would be. That is why I think they don't want us to get access to the information. They don't want to institutionally put themselves on the block.

Dobbs:  Well, they're on the block. The question is, whether or not anyone in Congress, anyone in the Senate, has the guts to actually pursue oversight over those agencies. To this point I have seen no sign that anyone of those agencies has the guts to oversee the activities and to truly find out what the FBI top officials have been doing, and why.

Fitton:  Let's ask Mr Mueller to investigate whether the FBI and the Justice Department colluded with the Russians to go after Trump and involve themselves in the election.

Video. FACT: Obama Paid $1 Million To Fusion GPS To Fund ‘Piss-Gate’ Dossier

Published on Oct 30, 2017

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