Wednesday 8 November 2017

ARRESTS UK, 5 Nov 2017: Deputy PM Damian Green - EXTREME PORNOGRAPHY

UK Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green is expected to resign his seat along with Michael Fallon in a "double whammy" that will effectively bring Theresa May’s government to collapse. 

- November 5, 2017. (not on the 6 o'clock news)

YOU’RE BUSTED. Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green arrested for leaking Westminster documents. The subsequent search of his computer, claims Policeman Bob Quick, resulted in a discovery of ‘Extreme Pornography’. Damian Green has denied the claim. Green was previously employed by BBC Radio and shared the same boss as child sex offender and necrophiliac Jimmy Savile

The Deputy Prime Minister today has been hit with a fresh scandal when police found ‘extreme’ pornography on his computer. The discovery was subsequently covered-up – even though the evidence was clear and had been handed into a parliamentary enquiry into phone hacking.

Green was the Minister of State for Police and Criminal Justice until 14 July 2014, and has obviously abused his position in being in possession of illegal extreme pornography which is outlawed under the Obscene Publications Act.

An official at the Tory Ashford Conservative Party in Kent [Hardy House, The Street, Bethersden, Ashford TN26 3AG] told DNN off the record that they want Damian Green to RESIGN TODAY. This would leave the Theresa May government high and dry.

This is the sixth pornography scandal to hit the Westminster Conservative Party in two years.

IT’S ALL OVERTheresa May has been exposed by Bob Quick, a former assistant commissioner of British Police as staging a cover-up over Extreme Porn.

See the full article here with many historic facets of this story on -
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Police: We found porn on deputy PM Damian Green’s computers

Damian Green with the prime minister. The Cabinet Office is already investigating claims that he propositioned a former Tory activist - See full article on "The Times"

Theresa May’s deputy, Damian Green, was rocked last night by a former police chief’s claim that pornographic material was discovered on one of his parliamentary computers.

A statement prepared by Bob Quick, a former assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan police, claimed the material was discovered by officers during an inquiry into government leaks in which Green was embroiled in 2008.

Quick, who headed the leak investigation, confirmed to The Sunday Times yesterday that his officers had reported finding “extreme” pornographic material on a parliamentary computer from Green’s office.

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