Monday 15 February 2016

Western media (MSM) demonizes Putin... WHY do you think that is ??

Putin Crushes BBC Smartass

Published on Oct 3, 2015

Another certified moron bites the dust  JOHN SIMPSON, BBC.

Western countries almost universally now believe that there’s a new Cold War. You, frankly, have decided to create that. We see almost daily, Russian aircraft taking sometimes quite dangerous manoeuvres towards western airspace. That was done on your orders; you’re the Commander-in-Chief (the U.S. NATO and its allies). It has been in reply to your orders that Russian troops were sent into the territories of sovereign countries – Crimea first, and then Eastern Ukraine. Now, you’ve got a big problem with the currency of Russia, and you say you’re going to need help, support and understanding from other countries, particularly from the West. So can I say to you, can I ask you now, would you care to take this opportunity to say to people from the West that you have no desire to carry on with the new Cold War, and that you will do whatever you can to sort out the problems in Ukraine? Thank you!

Translation courtesy of Inessa S
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