Friday 19 February 2016

U.S. County Sheriffs STAND UP for the Constitution. Please Share.

This video was made in 2011 and is no less important today...


Original video posted by Joe Joseph on November 17, 2011

California Sheriffs Threaten Feds For Usurping the Constitution!

The Constitution is "non-negotiable." United we stand; divided we fall. All Americans need to hear what these Sheriffs have to say. They speak for all of us, not just the residents of the counties they serve - introduction by KafkaWinstonWorld  

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This is a fantastic video... I encourage ALL people all over the world to watch this (I have twice now because it's so darned good). It's is highly likely that you will see your own community mirrored in the testimonies of these BRAVE MEN who are standing against the U.S. Federal government agencies so that their own communities of people don't get screwed over.  Support these Sheriffs... Send them your powerful thoughts of Love, Courage, Tenacity... Go down to your local sheriff's office and discuss this video and see where your County sheriffs stand on these issues... You never know, your local sheriffs might not even be aware of this video or this movement that started to sweep the nation in 2011.

Please share this information with whoever you come into contact with...  TOGETHER we Co-create CHANGE...  Only TOGETHER can we achieve all the things for our world that we want to achieve.

Thank you for Co-creating these positive outcomes with the THOUSANDS of people all over the world who are going to see these posts today, these videos, and other blogger's articles on this subject. 

TOGETHER through our ACTIONS and through CLEAR VISUALIZATION of WHAT WE WANT, we are Co-creating "the world we want to see", as said by Mahatma Gandhi .

Please tell all your friends in America that SEACHANGE IS HAPPENING right now !!!  Please get behind your local sheriffs... because they have the CLOUT to stand up to the Federal government agencies !!! This is REALLY important news to get out there !!!    Thank you for assisting to spread this GOOD NEWS   : )

For our whanau here in Aotearoa and other indigenous nations around the world, please listen to Sheriff Dean Wilson from 10:00 mins onward when he is talking about the "Tribal Management Plan". It's a strategy that's being used in colonised nations worldwide, right?  ie: the confiscation of lands and then letting the infrastructure in those areas go into decay. Yeah... Definitely sounds like an 'Agenda 21' strategy to me, ie: the driving out of people from the natural areas and forcing people into small urban zones in the cities, aka "cattle management" or "The Hunger Games". This is all part of the 'Agenda 21' plan set up by the elites. Please also listen to Karen Budd-Falen at 49:00 concerning (Federal) governments STOPPING YOU using your own property !!  Sound familiar ??  - ref: Te Ture Whenua Maori land reform Bill (2015)

Article on the decomissioning of roads in the wilderlands

TAKE NOTE: Counties in California are TAKING IT BACK. 

Counties in Oregan are TAKING IT BACK.

ALL nations STAND UP... We can ALL Take It Back !! 

... and 'Yes'.  Our forefathers fought and died as well, in every nation of the world... NOW is the time to Take Our Stand as a LIVING MEMORIAL out of respect for all our forefathers' and foremothers' efforts who fought for all of our freedoms and the Quality of Life that we enjoy today. We owe it to our tupuna to TAKE IT BACK !!   Kia Kaha !!  - HOLD STRONG !!

"No other species on Earth has to pay to live on the land they are born on." 

- Michael Tellinger​, UBUNTU Liberation Movement, South Africa and worldwide  :)


Thank you  : )


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