Friday 5 February 2016

David Icke exposes the Middle-East globalist's game-plan

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The video is linked on this poster and the title of the video, as YouTube has apparently put some kind of a block on it (because it's the truth) and it won't link directly onto this blog.

Many of us will be aware of this information already about the globalist's plans to take out Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt...  which was all rolled out post 9/11.  But many of your friends and family still don't know.

So yeah...  We ARE The People's Media...  We are it !!

Please disseminate this video or this post out everywhere you can think of.  The world needs to hear what David Icke says, because it's the Truth !!

Meanwhile, the MSM is trying to tell the world the direct opposite.  So it's up to US/WE to get this information out into the world...  Will you help?  Thanks.

David Icke - Revelations


After watching the video above (click on the Obama picture), you might also like to check this one out... David Icke interviewed by Alex Jones recently...

DAVID ICKE on 2016 & FUTURE FOR HUMANITY - Humanity at a Crossroads, Elite to Forward Agenda?

Published on Jan 8, 2016

BronnyNZ having a rant at a disinformation agent on Facebook.

Obama's not the boss !! Even YOU would concede that that's true I would say... Just like our Prime Minister is not the boss. They are puppets... We know some of the puppeteers... Bilderbergers (of which QE2 and Rothschild are members), members of Skull and Bones (many US presidents) who all turn up at Bohemian Grove for 3 weeks every year in January I think it is (Saturnalia funnily enough), the Council of 300 who QE2 and most Rothchild progeny are members of... So broadly speaking, it may NOT be the Rothschilds giving Obama his orders... It's likely a combination.... the Italian families (incl. Piso), the Barvarian families (incl. Kissinger), the Saxe-Coburg German family who sits on the throne of England, Denmark and likely other West European thrones (haven't researched the lot of them...) but these are the old money families, and they are the colonisers of the New World. "The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico" aka "The Secretary of the Treasury" funnells US taxes through the tax haven of Puerto Rico and on to Swiss bank accounts owned by the Old Families. I'm sure you would have done your research on that, yes ?? Easy enough to find. If I can be bothered (and the US is not even my country) I wonder why you cant :-/  Sad old world... The slaves have become very lazy indeed  :-/

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