Wednesday 10 February 2016

UFO captures Feb 2016 + 10th Planet (Nibiru) seen from Netherlands


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Published on Feb 8, 2016

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 10th Planet visible NOW !!!

Netherlands - January 25, 2016

Photo:  This is the real deal folks. Please see Henry's video for yourselves and you'll see this is not lens flare and is no sundog !! This is the real thing !! In 2011, this little bugger was tiny compared to the Sun... It's come in MUCH CLOSER in the last 5 years. In another few years, it will be right on top of us! :(

Henry Mesman's photo on Facebook
Henry Mesman's video on Facebook
Henry Mesman's profile on Facebook
More of Henry's photos on Facebook

Here's some comments I put on the ThirdPhaseOfMoon YouTube video in regard to this...

"The photo from the Netherlands is not a "second sun"- It's a planet. That's why it is hotter than normal in the Southern Hemisphere currently, because the Sun's rays are being reflected off this giant and creating hotter temperatures by a few degrees. Another result of this heat in the south is that you get more precipitation/snow in the northern hemisphere as the South Pacific is currently evaporating like CRAZY !! This object being a planet, not a sun also explains why we're not literally "burning up". Also... The planet is much bigger than 10x the Earth. Do you see how the object is lit up? Why it that? It's because it's far behind the sun (on the other side of the sun) and the back of the sun is making it glow. If this planet were in front of the sun (eg: where Mercury runs around close to the sun) we wouldn't see it at all, because the side facing us would be in the dark. Are you getting yet how HUGE this monster is? It's not even here yet in our Solar System, not by a long-shot. If this is a real photo, you can see now that this object is likely 100 times the size of our SUN.... and that seriously, IS a MONSTER !!!!"

Also... In reference to comments on the ThirdPhaseOfMoon video, here's what I wrote: 

 I AM "burning up right now" ... It's summer in the southern hemisphere right now... I'm in New Zealand so we're getting full exposure of the sun as it is currently far to the south. We are BURNING UP !! I've never known temperatures like this in my region in NZ (Waikato) on consecutive days EVER. In the mid-1970s when I was a teenager, 82 degrees (28C) would be a really hot day and you might get two of these in a week. For the last 4 WEEKS, we have CONSISTENTLY been getting 86 degrees (30C) and above !!  - all over the country. It's FREAKISH !!

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