Saturday 6 February 2016

The 6-9D Blue Avians MESSAGE to humanity - Corey Goode

What is this “Message”?

Every day focus on becoming more “Service To Others” oriented. 

Focus on being more “Loving”  

“Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level” 
and learn to 

“Forgive Yourself and Others” thus “Ending the cycle of Karma”. 

This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (even if that “One Person” is yourself).

They say to treat your body as a temple and change over to a 
“Higher Vibrational Diet” to aid in the other changes. 

This might sound to many like a “Hippy Love and Peace” message that will not make a difference. I assure you the “Path” they lay out in “Their Message” is a difficult one. Even on the unlikely chance that these [science/secret space programme] technologies stay “Suppressed”, imagine what a world we would live in if everyone made these changes to their selves?

The Blue Avians also gave a warning with this “Message”...

They have tried to deliver this message “Three Other Times” and it had been distorted by humanity. They made it “very clear” that this information was NOT to become a “Cult or Religious Movement” nor was I to put myself (my “ego”) before the “Message” or elevate myself to a “Guru” status. 

Anyone who does so should be avoided and held accountable, including myself.

Thank you,

Corey Goode


  1. Wow. A whole new level of crazy. Seriously, get help, Humpty, you deluded freak!

    1. I see you still respond to my posts as "Anonymouse" Ricky Dearman, deluded freak who wears a dildo hat and baby scull necklace when he's dancing for his lord and master Satan... a deluded freak who drugs his own two children (age 8 and 9) and shoves huge horse-sized dildos into their anuses and up their rectums until they have blood running down their leges... who forces his own two children to put their hand on the knife under YOURS when you cut the heads of innocent little newborn babies... And you call me a freak ?? Lol !!!

    2. I'm glad you're pissing your pants Ricky Dearman... I can see how the Message above would freak you out. I don't care who delivered the message - Blue Avians, the Dalai Lama, Julian Marley or Oprah Winfrey... It's a good message. And as humanity continues to awaken to how we can get out of this mess we find ourselves in, by putting these 5 principles into action, then the less likely that YOU and your kind will be able to stay in the shadows any longer. You are a deluded fool Ricky Dearman if you think the dark practices that you espouse will be allowed to continue to another generation. ALL of your offences are coming to the light... There is no-where for you to hide Ricky Dearman. You are being flushed out, of that you can be sure.


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