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The Petro-dollar COLLAPSE is HERE right now !! - plus SOLUTIONS

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Don't let Barak Obama tell you everything is fine and dandy...  It's not. Global commodities markets are now in FREEFALL and the FED can't do a blessed thing about it. There is talk of more QE (quantitative easing) which I think is code for "print more money". There's also talk about "bail-ins" - that's where the bank steals your money like they did in Crete and then the banks give themselves a nice big payday off of YOUR savings !!

Money expert and former oil trader Andy Hoffman talks very frankly about what's actually going on. He pulls no punches...  If you're still locked into the money matrix, you might find this information pretty upsetting.  But have no fear...

There are people (banking experts who have jobs in very high places) who are working in the background (unseen) and who have determined to usher in a new global economic system that will replace the old Petro-dollar system when it falls...  In fact, there's two alternative global monetary systems I know of right now that are ready to be rolled out when this major crash happens. The crash is likely to happen this year.  I reference these solutions below in a video and in a number of article links that have even more links on them for you to research.

Plus:  I know there are large numbers of local alternative currencies that are already in use right now... particularly in the U.S.  So it's time you get yourself informed and get into contact with the directors of your local Green Currency or the directors of a 'Transition Town' near you.  Get ready...  NOW is the time. We WILL see a major melt-down of the global money system this year. It is imminent !!

Transcript notes for the following video:

1:30  Andy was an oil analyst on Wall Street
2:15  Andy Hoffman:  Oil's going down, Commodities are going down...
3:00  Saudi Aramco is going to take the company public (share market) and lose all their sovereignty in the hope of getting a 'one time shot' before the collapse. Saudi Aramco will flood the market with oil when demand has already dropped.
4:00  Slumberger is laying off 10,000 people and they will buy back stock. This destroys the company from the inside out.
4:30  The layoffs are just getting started. You're going to see layoffs and asset write-downs like nobody will believe. It's going to be carnage in the first quarter...  It's going to be carnage all year.
5:30  The FED is telling people 'business as usual' and is trying to give the impression that all is well.
6:40  It's the beginning of the end for the gold cartel.
7:20  All these trends we are seeing are only going to get worse.
8:25  Miles Franklin: Where in the future in your mind does oil play?
8:45  Andy: I have not owned a mining ( = oil ) stock since the year 2000. All i'm interested in doing is protecting myself. I take the advice: "Get yourself the heck out of there".  Oil inventories are going to explode. The market will have far more oil for sale than what is being used.
12:15  Miles: References Andy's article "How close are we to America's inevitable precious metal demand explosion?"  - Jan 23, 2016
12:50  Andy:  Americans can't see what's going on. Eventually Americans might get a hint that everything is not as Janet Yellen (FED) and others are saying it is. Then Americans will swarm to precious metals and when they do, there will be no supply.
15:40  Reference to "X-Files". Miles plays a clip...  [Joel McHale's character, a 'truther']: "... then the final take-over begins...  Dana Scully: The take-over of America...?  Joel: - By a well-oiled  and well-armed multi-national group of elites who will cull, kill and subjugate...  It will probably start on a Friday... The banks will announce a security action necessitating their computers to go offline all weekend."  Fox Mulder: Digital money will disappear? Dana: They can just steal your money?
16:45  Miles: They are putting it out there for the American people to understand... but most people will see this as fiction.
17:00  Andy:  People are starting to catch on. They sense something is wrong and they want to educate themselves because they can see that everything's going in the wrong direction...
17:45  Andy:  There's a Q & A from January 28...  We're going around the country doing a series of Q & A sessions. It's free... It'll be free dinner. If you want to come along, email me: or or maybe that was
19:35  Andy:  You need to get out of the system as quickly as possible...
20:00  Miles:  Banks around the world don't want their customers to come in and withdraw cash. Besides not having any gold and silver, they don't even have enough cash! Norway is calling for the elimination of cash.
20:20  Andy: That's right... The European 'bail-in' rules started on January the 1st...  Stocks are crashing in Europe, Bonds are crashing...  Many European nations [Euro-zone] will have their banks failing in 2016.

Solutions after this video...


Published on Jan 26, 2016
"There's no turning back here. The end game has started... Central banks aren't going to be able to buy another year or two. it's all coming apart."

Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin returns to discuss the latest global economic news as we document the collapse for the week of January 25, 2016.

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The introduction of this video might sound a bit freaky to some people, but the information in this video is truly GREAT !!   Please take 40 minutes out of your busy day to listen to this. It's so interesting, I actually though the video was only around 20 minutes!  : )  Besides which, i've listened to this video three times so far, and will likely listen to it a few more times... there's so much in it.

Introduction:  "Insiders say the collapse of the Petro-dollar is near. TR (the insider in this interview) is a good man and is sincere and for real. He is definitely doing what he says he is. The veracity of what he says will be seen in the future.  If his group is successful as he states it, only time will tell."


Published on Feb 3, 2016

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