Monday 15 February 2016

John McCain ex-Vietnam veteran still has a lost mind

Putin definitely calls it right about John McCain who suddenly pops up out of no-where on the MSM news last night, telling the world America is going to war to back the Saudis. Good god... McCain... Just another NWO muppet. Putin had McCain totally pinned (analysed) back in 2011. And please note: No teleprompter!

Listen to Putin's eye-opening speech about US Foreign Policy and McCain he made four years ago

Published on Oct 1, 2015

This video goes back to a Russian TV show in 2011, when Putin's foreign policy wasn't quite as clear to the Russian public as it is today. Nevertheless, he makes his stance known on US foreign policy, and notably, his feelings toward Mr McCain.

Translation and description courtesy of Inessa S
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