Monday 1 February 2016

Jan 19, 2016 Hampstead Cover-Up: An interview with Ella & Abraham

Ella and Abe's interview starts at 56:30 on the video. Please click on the image below...

Published on Jan 19, 2016

CONTENT WARNING: Ella and Abraham LIVE on jeranism Monday Night Raw. Jeran and Missa welcomed Ella & Abraham to discuss the Hampstead Cover-up. Ella is the mother of Alicia and Gabriel, the Hampstead Whistleblower Children who reported serious crimes including pedophilia, rape, murder and ritual abuse by their father, social services, their school & 7 other schools. It runs deeper than any of us want to believe but that doesn't mean it isn't true. It means you have been conditioned to close your eyes to truth in trade for what is convenient.

If you actually watch the testimony and not just read Google search results like a good little slave, you will know that these kids are telling the truth. However, these crimes were not only covered up, but never even investigated. Alicia and Gabriel were taken from their mother and that started an awful campaign against the mother and lies told by the Judge and the children's father, Ricky Dearman

Ricky: Feel free to slap me with a libel lawsuit and then it looks like you'll have to prove your innocence in court. It would be worth it.

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