Sunday 14 February 2016

Letter to the Vladimir Putin Fan Club NZ - Putin it right !! Facebook group

Here's the group...

Vladimir Putin Fan Club NZ - Putin it right !!

It's a great group. You don't have to be a New Zealander to join, but you do have to be a Russo-phile and it's best to have a sense of humour as well...  ; )


I just had a wee note from one of the administrators of the group explaining why I was removed - This isn't a problem by the way...  I have no attachment to being on the group.  However, I did want to let other members on the group know what was going on. The following are excerpts of the conversation and my summarising reply. Thanks.

Problem expressed:  Hi Bronwyn. I have removed you from the Putin group. The last straw was the recent post [unpublished as everything goes through an administrator], which has nothing to do with Russia or Putin.

My reply:  Did you actually read the description on the article?  I clearly said, "Admins: FYI. I don't expect for you to put this on the group but I want to let you know about this, because I give a damn."

Problem expressed: The group is not a bulletin board for your blog...

My reply:  I don't over-promote my blog... This is simply where my independent research is archived.  It's MY research and therefore the content doesn't appear on any other publication.

Problem expressed:  You don't really have the temperament for an Admin [referring to my lack of patience with people]

My reply:
  I'm not worried about not being an Admin and as I said to N. at the time, I was needed elsewhere. I'm happy I left the group in very good hands. [I resigned as a co-founder and administrator of the group in February 2015] 

... I'm far happier just doing research and creating blog posts. People in the end [on Facebook groups] just piss me off... all the inane chatter: Does my head in.  For my piece of the puzzle, I need to be quite fiery and a bit of a big mouth (opinionated) otherwise posts on my blog would never get written.

General comments in summary:

My main beef on a group like the Vlad group (which I do feel passionate about as a whole subject because so much incredible GREATNESS is coming out of Russia), is when supposedly 'awake' people (like N and M) continue to propagate the message of the U.S. agenda... Grrrrrr.....

Look at all the posts on WW3 that are going up  : (   

You know about 'pre-predictive programming' don't you?  

- It preys upon people's susceptibility in thinking the published word is true when currently a lot of what is being stated as true (via the US MSM propaganda machine, eg: CNN-Arabic division on WW3 being started by Saudi Arabia - N's post), is not physically happening at all !!  In fact, the US et al. have agreed to a PEACE PROCESS.  This shield-banging is just an IDEA !! And if you get enough people giving attention to the IDEA, then you get a tipping point for it to happen - a critical mass. This is a quantum physics fact, not a new age theory. Ref: What the bleep do we know? movie.

Things actually happen because enough people have believed it  : (   100 monkeys effect... and I personally DO NOT WANT WW3... hence taking such a strong stand.

That's why i'm a bit 'mad' (I confess) when it comes to quashing anything that is pre-predictive programming coming out of The Agenda... and unfairly so often (I see that) when most people haven't had the luxury of "time" over the last 5 years in the same way that I have, as a casual and part time worker, and as a student.

The following article is dated April 2015... Yes I find the 'game' very upsetting  : (

If I see people who should know better posting the propaganda of The Agenda, my tendency is to bitch-slap them into waking up. My bad maybe. And I don't choose 'favourites' either. You could be my worst enemy or my best friend. Blindness is blindness.

Actually, sometimes it works (you'd be surprised); and other times it doesn't (what a flaming genius to have worked that one out Bron!)  But you never know until you test the waters. When I feel so frustrated by the imperviousness of a mental construct that just won't move, I often feel i'm not left with much else...

How's your 'parle le fran├žais' ?

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