Monday, 7 January 2013

The War on Iraq was Illegal !!!

UK Chilcot Inquiry: Iraq War Was Illegal. Unanimous Legal Opinion of Foreign Office Lawyers

What everybody with two braincells to rub together already knew before Bush and Blair took us to war in Iraq is now confirmed by the conclusion of the Chilcot Inquiry: The War on Iraq was illegal!
The problem is what are we going to do about it since one of the main protagonists in the lead up to war Blair is now a much valued bankster asset going about his business of making loads of money setting up “dictators” to be killed and countries to be looted.
Too bad for the  million Iraqi’s who died and the millions who fled their country and the other millions who were displaced inside of Iraq.
The UK Cameron government is blocking publication of their “official” report on Iraq war until perhaps 2014 or later, according to the UK’s most popular newspaper website.
Perhaps this delay is in part because the Blair government was advised before the war by all 27 attorneys in their Foreign Affairs Office that war on Iraq was unlawful. That would mean armed attack on Iraq would be an unlawful War of Aggression, with identical criminal implication on US armed attack on Iraq.
Unlawful war requires US military to refuse all war orders and arrest those who issue them (more documentation here) ...

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