Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Tsunami of Change is Unstoppable - India, Portugal, the USA. Re-callibrations Jump-Started during Global Meditations 12-12


Published: 3 January 2013

                    Aspects of Higher Dimensional Life 
                Implanted in DNA Have Been Activated

Aspects of Higher Dimensional life implanted into DNA during the past 5 millennia have been activated, and are now being en-fulled [Eireport note: this apparently means, "brought into fullness" or "brought into full expression"]. Real-ization (Real-I AM-ation) occurs now.
Vortices on and within Gaia meld to become a UNITY Galaxy-Gate. Individual vortices/portals lose their “distinction” as separate entities. This correlates with 100th monkey level of Hue-manity being attained as of the 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 window.
Hue-manity rejoices in this Unity.
As do Hue-monkeys. And all in the animal expression.
Return to humanity full consciousness approaches.
Prepare your Houses appropriately.

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"I perceived that many races had come here to observe the Earth at this time.  Mother Earth is "their" collective creation. Everyone is interested. There is a feeling that there are a lot of 'vested interests'. I was told that what is about to happen on Mother Earth is in the realm 'experimental', but with a very likely outcome since the Earth has been calibrated in a particular frequency to produce this outcome. These 'works and services' have been carried out on Earth over the last 100 years, and in the last decade in particular..."   - Bron

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