Monday, 7 January 2013

Do Americans REALLY view the rest of the World like this?

"... as a minimum ... as a minimum ... as a minimum ... send love to this and that outside of ourselves... "  

This is all I can hear Steve Beckow saying in his article, linked here:

To me it looks like: "Let's just look outside of ourselves...  and fix the rest of the world...  and not reflect fully on the part that America has to play in these global affairs.  This is the response that I wrote to Steve and the Gaia team

Attn: Steve Beckow

Hi Steve and the team,

I notice in your article Steve that there is a lot of "looking outside of yourself", ie: Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America.  Whilst there are continuing injustices in these locations, I think that what the American media pedals to Americans as the 'truth' of the outside world, is incorrect, or at minimum, skewed.  If Americans continue on with this attitude and point the finger at the outside world saying...  "We are so much better than... those poor little countries over there have so many problems... not like US !!!"  - then Americans will cease to critically think about the injustices, the criminal activities and corruption within their own government, that is on a par and in fact far excels the corruptions one would find in Pakistan, for example.  It's just that your media doesn't point up American corruptions because the media is owned by and serves those self same corrupt entities.  Please fix yourself before pointing the finger outside of your shores.

I am reminded of Gandhi's statement, "Be the change you want to see."

It starts in your own back yard Steve.  It's no good doing this finger-pointing, as if the USA has got it 'right'.  You have NOT got it right. The USA is still the biggest war-mongering nation on the planet. The USA is the biggest TERRORIST nation and OCCUPIER on the planet, both of other nations and of its own population, eg: 911 was an Inside Job !!  If you really want to help the rest of the world, you will retract statements claiming that there is such a lot of trouble in other parts of the world and incredibly, NOT in America !!!  This is what your media wants you to believe, of course.  The trouble with many other parts of the world is, in a word:  America !!!

So please stop telling us how you think WE ARE according to what your TOXIC MEDIA tells you we are.  Return to US home-base and start figuring out what the solutions are to your "Second Amendment",  the alienation, disenchantment, over-prescribing of Big-Pharma products to your youth, your munitions manufacture (2nd biggest US export I believe), the general blindness of the population which runs so willingly to the call of 'Uncle Sam'...  How you are going to right the wrongs of the past in regard to the killing and genocide of millions of original indigenous Americans ?  How are you going to educate Americans that they have this ingrained "consumerist attitude" where they think it is their God-given right to consume cheaply, and purchase goods made at huge personal cost/ sacrifice by other human beings in other parts of the world...  goods whose manufacture desecrate Gaia and that offer labour pay-rates that leave so many families living in deprivation globally ??

If you want to know Steve, "... how to approach turning the affected areas of the globe from regions of poverty and exploitation to regions of self-sufficiency and sovereignty",  please start by looking at America's role, America's attitudes, America's expectations...  of what you 'get' and how/ to what standards, you expect to live.  This is at the root of much of the world's problems... wealth distribution, the expectation to procure cheap goods, to procure plenty of cheap oil for transport & manufacture.  

Inspect yourself and find solutions to these issues internally within the US...  Send love and find solutions to the US PROBLEM !!!!   This would be much more useful to the rest of the world and would take the pressure off us.  The TPPA  (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) is a prime example of how the US is poising itself to staple 10 other Pacific rim nations to the wall.  Gee... Thanks  :-/

Thank you,

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