Monday, 28 January 2013

Visualise Success

Hey there ~

I'm just touching base with my blog...  It's been a few days since my last entry  : P   Well... all for a good cause:  

Besides BronnyNZ being a blogger and having a job in Adult Mental Health,  BronnyNZ is also a musician !!   I'm off to auditions tomorrow...  so my last few days have been spent in prep. for this. 

This year, the X Factor for the first time is coming to NZ.  It's pretty HUGE !!  Auditions started here in NZ in Queenstown near the bottom of the South Island from 5 January, and finish in Kaitaia in the North on 6 February, "Waitangi Day" (Maori-British Treaty of unity). Tomorrow, Tuesday 29th January 2013, X Factor is in Hamz.  

Here I am taking another bite of the cherry  ... and I guess will find out tomorrow if the last 30 years has help improve my voice and my musicianship, since I last had the opportunity to work in music on TV when I was a young 20-year-old.  I turned away from the opportunity then...  (complicated).  I won't be turning away from it this time if there's an offer !!    I'm good to go !!    : )

Please extend your love to me...  Yup...  I'll be nervous like everyone else !!  : )   It's gonna be a big day !!   I would so hugely appreciate you visualising a great outcome for me.  I have so much that I want to do in the world.  Being in this industry would help me so much to achieve these goals   : ) Please visualise a good audition for me tomorrow and having good success all the way...  and that my voice holds up good and strong   ; )     Thank you all  ~

Love and peace,

Here's a few pics of how we do X Factor 'down under'  ... Kiwi styles   : )

                X Factor USA finalist Chris Rene with X Factor NZ host Dominic Bowden and judge Stan Walker
                                                                                                      FORTUNES: Preparing for their shot at the big time were, (from left) Phoenix Williams, 17, Bryce Broughton, 14 and Nev Rolston, 17.

       GOT IT! Napier teen George Foreman, 17, thinks he has what it takes to impress the judges at today's X-Factor New Zealand auditions in Napier.


Yeah ~  we got a lot of gats. in NZ    : )

Good Luck Everyone !!!

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