Thursday, 3 January 2013

Arcturian Message: We Are Currently Re-Calibrating to a Higher Vibratory Frequency... Not an Immediate Process

Gaia and the Arcturians: You Are in the Process of Recalibrating to the Ascension Energies

Channelled by Suzanne Lie | Suzanne Lie, Ph.D

Our dear Ascending Ones,
Congratulations on your long journey through the darkness... 

Your eyes have not fully calibrated to the Light, nor have your ears fully calibrated to the Truth. You may not have fully embraced Multidimensional Thinking and Unconditional Love may still be beyond your understanding.
However, the very Earth vessel that you have maligned for trapping you in third dimensional Earth is the first to feel the changes in your reality. You find that the intensity of your transformation keeps you at some level of exhaustion, food has taken on a new meaning, you are ravenous for more water, and long to BE ONE with the land, sea and sky. You are feeling a great transition and following your instincts and expanded perceptions.
These expanded senses often confuse you, as there appears to be multiple realities occurring at once. You hear your SELF calling you and see the world that resonates just beyond your physical vision. You feel like an animal that needs to go into hibernation, which is true. Therefore, we advise that you begin to restructure your life. It is important that you create “time” to go inside to understand and master the new Expression of SELF that is slowly emerging from the ashes of your myriad physical incarnations.
You, our Ascending Ones, are the Phoenix Bird. Your Unity Consciousness has flown directly into the flame of transmutation. However, you did not crash, and you did not burn. But you did go into the underworld of your myriad physical incarnations. Now, your beak is rising up from the ashes. As you take wing, you initiate a New Era of peace and love.
But first, the ashes of fear and greed must be cleared. You must unite to forge your way into your new life, as the age of separation is ended. Those who choose to maintain 3D consciousness will remain in the separation consciousness of the past and become lost in the lower rungs of the ladder with the collapsing Matrix nipping at their heels. Therefore, keep expanding into the higher expressions of your SELF.
Those who can seize the day can return later to guide those who have ultimately chosen to change. Remember, some of those who appear to be the darkest have volunteered to play the dark roles in order to maintain polarity. These beings of Light are holding the 3D Matrix open to give others the chance to awaken. When the 3D Matrix can no longer survive, they will fly into the higher dimensions like arrows ejected from taut bows.

Remember to release all judgment 
as judgment 
is the spawn of separation and polarity

There are many “double agents” among the dark forces who are working from within, just as you must work from within to clear your darkness. Remember that the third dimension is fraught with lies and illusions, so do not attach your attention to that frequencyInstead, heal the remnants of third dimensional reality with the power of your unconditional love. Your unconditional love will transmute that which is trapped in the darkness and will attach your emanation of SELF onto the highest frequency of New Earth to which you can adhere.

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Remember, if you are riding in a car that is climbing a high mountain the inside of the car remains the same no matter how far up the mountain you travel. In the same manner, as long as you perceive yourself as being inside the Oneness of Gaia, you will remain in entrainment with the planet, and your changes will occur in synchronicity with Earth. Hence, as Gaia moves into higher frequencies, your experience of Earth may appear the same because you are changing at the same pace as the planet.
When you and Gaia are increasing your frequencies in the same manner, you will be changing at the same rate, and there will not be sudden differences between you and the planet. Furthermore: 

... because your point of perception will rise at the same pace as Gaia’s frequency, you will remain constantly 
calibrated with Her rate of transmutation.

At great sacrifice to Her Earth body, Gaia has lovingly chosen to dramatically slow Her pace of change so that more of her Ascending Ones can remain alive on Her body. It is for this reason that we tell you to keep up your pace rather than fall behind Gaia’s pace. Those of you who can match your consciousness with the escalating pace of Gaia’s transition are serving as the foundation of New Earth.
We know that the ever-rising frequency of your physical form will cause you more than a little discomfort. However, because you know how important you are to the creation of New Earth, and because you are united with your Multidimensional SELF, you can and will persevere and eventually flourish.

Dear Ones, you are on the cusp of your greatest adventure... 

Therefore, your choice of lifestyles will shift, yet again. Before 12-21-12 you sought a pace of transformation that had a deadline. Hence, many of you overtaxed your Earth vessels. We thank you for your sacrifice. However, we suggest that you take a moment of your NOW to relax and renew your energies for the next leg of your journey.
Then, you will set a slower pace to which you can adapt to each incremental shift. This journey has no deadline and no finish line. However, you will be called upon to constantly align and realign your pace of transformation with the pace of Gaia. In this manner, you can remain in entrainment with Her transmutation to best calibrate and recalibrate your perceptions, thoughts, emotions and creative force with that of the planetary resonance.
Rest whenever you get a chance, for you shall be busy. However, your task is one that occurs within your ever-expanding consciousness and will be invisible to those who do not share your journey. Any remaining third dimensional needs for reward or recognition will be unveiled, giving you to opportunity to release any remnants of ego.
While you still hold attachments to time and physical reality, your mission will be more difficult. However, with your ego completely released you will feel the glory of Planetary Unity Consciousness. Consequently, old third dimensional concepts and habits will fall away like autumn leaves.
Whereas before, you had a deadline and a finish line, now you are moving into the infinity of the timeless NOW. As this NOW flows into your perception, the ONE will embrace you with Unconditional Love.
We KNOW that you are ready for WE are YOU!  Besides, we are always with you.
The Arcturians

I feel this message to be true...  It's funny the little 'hints' we get along the way  : )   I have probably doubled + my water consumption this last week.  I crave water...  just as this channelled message states...  and have virtually switched to a pulses/ vegetarian/ fish diet. Processed meat is ghastly to me now !!!  I had barbecue processed meats over New Year. I felt it sitting in my guts... poisoning me and 'clogging me up' all the way through my body as it traveled through my intestines. I felt its toxic passage within my body  : (   Red meat is now much too heavy...  although i'm still having a little.  Fish seems to be the perfect answer for me currently, and fresh food from my small urban garden.  I'm aware i'm shifting to full vegetarian... but can't quite let flesh protein go...   just yet   :-/    The idea of killing any perfect creature on Earth to satisfy my belly no longer sits well with me at all.  These are my brothers and sisters. Who do I think I am that I may take their life ???   : (

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