Thursday, 3 January 2013

Abundance, Virtue/ Values, Manifestation/ Sun Radiance: January 2013 Angel & Tarot reading by 'The Starseed Psychic'.

Spiritual Energies for The Month of January 2013 - Channeled Angel & Tarot

Published on Jan 1, 2013
A brand-new month *and* year begins today, ushering in new abundance in accordance with our ability to live authentically from our core self, our True Self. It is time to remove any limiting beliefs or perspectives which keep you from truly Being *You*, and to *allow* yourself to live free of such controls. Connect, even in a basic way, to your Real spiritual Self this month, and then live this Self in the midst of others without fear. Doing so leads to manifestations of a potentially unlimited nature! Enjoy kicking-off the new year with these positive, empowering vibrations! :-D

This is a channeled message from the Spiritual Hierarchy given through a divination card reading, done in the spirit of world-service to humanity.

It is given through Henry David Stites, also known as "The Starseed Psychic".

Reveal your Authentic Self out to the world and you will manifest Abundance from this foundation of You. 

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