Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Great Day


I'm just doing a follow-up of the post I made yesterday about the X-Factor auditions.  What a great day !!  It was HUGE.  I got to spend 4 hours or so talking and laughing, singing and so on with the people around me as we queued.  I jammed on my flute for around an hour with a young chinese guy playing his guitar.  Various people around started to sing as well.  I love that community vibe.

There was a young guy (30'ish) and his girlfriend who arrived right after me. Very amazingly, it turned out that he lived in the street just over the back of me.  In fact, if you walked out his front door, over the the road, and through his opposite neighbour's back fence, he would be standing in my back yard !!  Wow !!  We got talking for ages after our auditions as well...  I dropped by his place, and was there until 2 in the morning !!  There was so MUCH to talk about...  He's an extreme snow boarder...  and very much at a cross-roads in his life where so many things are about to change very dramatically, very soon.

We talked a lot about visualisation - which he uses a lot in his sport, and how we create our FUTURE through putting our thoughts out into the atmosphere. This new friend of mine Brad, was successful in the audition with an initial "Yes" from the X-Factor judges. I encouraged him to keep putting thoughts "out there" for his ongoing success on the show.  I am visualising with him, and I invite you to do the same.

I was not to be as "lucky" as Brad, and was declined at this time for X-Factor...  but thank you anyway everybody, for visioning a wonderful future for me in music.  I say "lucky" because everything in fact is exactly as it is meant to be. In fact, a future in music IS opening up for me... but in ways that are unexpected. As I went through the process of preparing for the audition, I sang my songs for an acquaintance of mine that I'd met through the Blues Club in Hamilton. I needed his advice around song selection. After singing my songs to him last Thursday he said, "If it doesn't work out for you on X-Factor, i'd love for you to come and sing in my band."  Wow !!  So this is VERY cool, right ??  So, no matter what happened at X Factor, I am going ahead into the future with a career in singing.  This is wonderful  : )    Thank you so much for ALL of your kind thoughts and best wishes  : )

And how wonderful that The Universe organised for Brad and I to be there in that queue together for 4 hours chatting, and later having the most in-depth conversation about his childhood and so many parts of 'the Self' that are now crying out to be healed. He's just at the perfect point in his life where this sort of conversation with me made complete sense to him. Perfect timing. It was fantastic !!  The timing and the synchronicities ARE fantastic !!    : )

Thank you all !!                             
xx Bron

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