Tuesday, 8 January 2013

... But 2012 DIDN'T HAPPEN !!!! : (

Today is the 19th day since the end of the Long Count Mayan Calender on 21 December 2012.  Incidentally, the 1st January 2013 was the 11th day.  I think this is rather lovely  : )

btw. NZ date where I am is one day ahead of  www.blogspot.com. Right now, I am experiencing the 9th day of January 2013.

So...  here we are.  Two great numbers...  11 and 19.  Both prime numbers...  Both are Gateway numbers. We have entered the Gates of the New Great Cycle of 25,875 years.  

And here...  I read the troubled, frustrated, wrestling words of a man who has been such a leader to so many of us all through 2012.  He has been at the coal-face...  And it's been quite an amazing year for him...  but here he grovels still with coal dust smeared upon his cheeks.  

"Get up Steve...  Stand up...  and look at the horizon.  We are all here waiting for you to come and stand in the bliss with us...  knowing that something far greater than the sum of us is at work here.  You just need new eyes."     : )

My reply to Steve today re: "What are the limiting conditions..."       -  9 January 2013

Hi Steve, 

I see you standing inside a large rubber balloon. If it's any help, the color of the balloon is yellow. You are on the inside of this balloon beating at the walls.  You are yelling...  and no-one can hear you.  You are beating your fists on these yellow springy walls...  but they resist your efforts easily.  You are stymied... and you don't know 'Why'.  This confuses and frustrates the hell out of you.

These are the visuals I received Steve, as I read your article, title above.  I feel and sense your frustration and even anger at the current situation...  of not seeing things being played out in the world exactly as the galactics and angels have been telling you on your site all year.  You HAVE invested A LOT of energy on your site for the whole of this year...  and for this I personally thank you.

The message for the 4th dimension - 5th dimension worlds that we are absorbing into is simple Steve.  You can't MANIPULATE it.  You can't OWN it.  You can't PLAN it.  You can't tell it WHAT IT NEEDS TO BE.  You can't TELL IT WHAT IT IS.  You can't TIME it.  You can't MEASURE it.  You can't 'FREE' it.  You can't RELEASE, ALLOW or MEDITATE it into being.  It just is.

It's a State of Being far above the Egoic mainstream...  which is where most of us still operate out of.  The only way to see this world that you are so desparately yelling and fighting into existence is....


And then you will find that the yellow rubbery balloon you find yourself currently entrapped in....  will dissolve, melt, vanish...   And you can stand a Free Man fully connected...  Without struggle...  Letting It evolve and Be in Its own good time...   We can do nothing.  We are required to do nothing. Everything is set in order already. All we need to do now is listen and watch.  The time for 'doing' Steve, is over.  Just listen and watch. Listen and watch.

With love,

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