Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Interdimensional Brain... ???

Good question.

I've been asking the Universe about such things also recently...

  • At what level/s am I an inter-dimensional being?
  • At what level is my personal experience also the experience of many millions of people in the world right at that time...  on that day or week?
  • Is the 'original' thought that i'm having right now, also the thought that many millions of people in the world are having right now also?
  • At what level am I an individual?
  • At what level am I part of the human collective?
  • Is my experience right now tailored purely to match the mind-images I create...  then everyone around me 'appears' to fit into my projected mind-images and the story I think should play out in front of me?
  • Is everyone creating mind-images in this way where the perceived people around them carry out roles, just as I am doing?
  • Is my neighbour creating this reality for himself also...  with himself at the centre of his existential universe?  Am I playing a role within his story different to the role of my own story ???\

This is where it gets really weird...  but it may also be completely possible...  given that we're not really physical beings at all...  but spiritual beings with an incredible height-depth-strength-capacity for image-making...  all of which moves the molecules around and provides for me, for you, the experience that we have conjured as the 'right' experience that our soul being wants to have.

It's all very interesting stuff  : )

(interesting but strange site... he could be onto something !! )

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