Saturday, 9 June 2012

Social, Political, Economic changes are imminent

An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 2/4

2012 JUNE 9
Posted by Steve Beckow

The galactics here are human beings. Photo of Asket, Billy Meier's Timmerian mentor.
At the present time, we stand poised on the brink of events that will see us transition from the time of the fall of the cabal to the time of the rise of the new economic and social structures. I’ve described the fall of the cabal. Let me now describe the new economic and social structures. We’re watching the demise of the old cabalistic economy as we speak. This economy was designed to see that wealth was concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. We’ve seen the rise of the super-rich and the fall of the middle and working classes.

Wages have fallen; pension plans have been dropped; benefits have been reduced or scrapped; jobs have been outsourced and exported overseas to low-wage areas who themselves have been exploited; social-welfare measures like social security, unemployment insurance and a variety of other provisions once called the “social safety net” have been chiselled away or destroyed.

Attempts to bring in universal medicare have been sidetracked in countries that don’t already have it. In countries that do, these systems have been under attack and have been eroded. Education has been degraded. The cost of education has skyrocketed. All services designed to benefit the 99% have come under attack to enrich the 1% of the elite and all of that is now being reversed. Meanwhile ever-larger amounts have been devoted to military expenditures to fund wars that have been started by and are only designed to enrich the elite and keep the population under control. An elaborate scheme of control and impoverishment has been foisted on us by a media that has served the elite’s interests. And all of that is now ending.

We stand to see a new economy come into effect in the months ahead, which many know by the acronym NESARA. NESARA stands for “National Economic Security and Reformation Act” and will see debt relieved, abundance flow, borders fall, political freedoms restored, and many other changes that will restore the sovereignty and comfort of the people in preparation for Ascension. Programs like NESARA have been in preparation for centuries against the arrival of this time. Gold is even being brought from other planets to add to the stock confiscated from the elite and stored in very large quantities in locations around the planet. There never was a need for some people on the planet to be poor and we’re about to see a redistribution of wealth to everyone on the planet; not just a few. New transitional governments will be inaugurated. No one found to be corrupt will be allowed to sit on them. They’ll serve the populace in a way that no government has for perhaps hundreds of years. There will be true democracy and equality on the planet and a return of the rule of law and constitutional safeguards.

At some point the galactic human beings who’ve assisted us all these years, who’ve seen that no nuclear bombs can be exploded on the planet, and who’ve prevented further instances of the devastating events like 9/11 being repeated by the cabal, will join us and introduce themselves to us. These people have no designs whatever on our planet. They obey the universal law, which stipulates that no planet shall interfere in the running of another, unless requested by the populace to intervene and help. They are here at our request and have served without thought of reward or even thanks for very long periods of time aboard their spacecraft. They’ll now join us and introduce to us new healing, communications, labor-saving, transportation and other technologies – all without expectation of return.

The human form is common around the universe, although how one reaches the human form may differ. These beings worship and serve the same God we do and have only our wellbeing at heart. There’s no danger we face from them and only benefit coming from our contact and exchanges with them. They’re here to help us. If anything it’s they who must endure hardship out of lowering themselves to our vibrations and interacting with people who don’t respect and obey the universal laws (namely, us).

We’ve been flooded with propaganda by an elite-controlled media designed to convince us that extraterrestrials don’t exist and, failing that, that extraterrestrials are parasitic and predatory. The galactic beings here to free us from the grip of the cabal are neither. They are peaceloving beings who have only our wellbeing at heart and who’ve sacrificed much to see that we can again breathe free.

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