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Canada genocide - role of the Catholic Church: Movie "Unrepentant"

The quality of this movie on YouTube is much better than on the Homepage of "Hidden No Longer.com" which is why i've added the YouTube version below...  no disrespect to the website  : )  

Please still go to http://hiddennolonger.com/ for the free e-book:
"Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada Past and Present"

It's time the Truth of this heavy matter was known...  Please mirror, notify, Post, Share in any way you can...  It's time the world awakened to the Truth of What the Catholic Church Is in our world.  

For my own opinion as a lay-Biblical scholar and historian with a major in Classical Studies (Greek and Roman worlds c.1,000BC - 700AD)  I think what happened is that the Roman Catholic Church took over where the Roman Empire left off...  

The Roman Empire began to crumble...  the garrisons disbanded and the indentured centurions returned to their various homelands...  No more gold or lands could be taken by force !!  The hegemonic leading families of Rome wanted retention of power over the general population. How would they achieve this without armies ??  Of course...  they would hold dominance by wielding the "fear of the after-life" and by usurping the increasingly popular 'cultus of the Kristos' of the time (100-500AD) as the vehicle through which they would peddle this fear.  And this worked out to be such a powerful tool as disparate and superstitious farmers and city-dwellers alike befell the wiles of gorgeously dressed and Latin-speaking (ie: educated) "Church Fathers", Cardinals and Popes who "served" [the people supposedly] in their ornate enclaves and cathedrals of rapturous design and appointment... to this day !!  

Simple people fell to these wiles... bowing the knee and saying repetitive rounds of 'Hail Mary's' for their heavenly place beyond an Eternal Purgatory... Hope and Fear bonded the people to their Slave Masters. These priests, Fathers and Popes claimed that they were the only channels of communica-tion through Whom God spoke...  And the people gave up their autonomy and stopped listening to the 'still small voice' Who speaks to every human heart, offering guidance and reassurance throughout all life long... and in Whom there is NO HELL nor any LAST JUDGEMENT !!!  All of this fear-mongering was treachery and deceit intentionally inserted by the Fathers of Rome into the cultus of the Kristos...  to keep the masses of people under the control of this Roman hierarchy who made/ makes life such utter miserableness for so many hundreds of millions of people.

This is the "Holy Church of Rome" which has no similitude of intent with the True Church of Jesus Christ...  with Jesus that is, Who mingled with beggars and whores, healed the sick and pointed the way to a deep connection with our Maker... "Be still and know that I Am God"  ... and who taught the people, poor in wealth and poor in heart (heartiness) how to 'look up' and realise that there is an abundant world all around us...  with manifold possibilities for us all to enter into and explore. "Look at the lillies", he would say. "There is none as beautifully clothed as all of these..."

But what we were duped into instead was a belief in the "Roman Catholic Church" which said: "Be 'good' (obedient) now and you will be 'saved' later". This bondage has robbed millions and millions of people of a happy, free life. This was all done in tandem with the various governing bodies of the various countries... with and through the Kings, Queens, parliaments, and so on. All of these need to be held accountable !!  These mechanisms became a far more effective 'control' over the masses of people than all of the garrisons of Rome ever were !!  ... the "Mass" of deception over the mass of people !! How ironic !!  "The Mass":  Mind control...  spiritual abuse...  sexual abuse, debauchery, depravity...  

Charlemagne and Pope Adrian I.               Pope Benedict XVI meets Belgium's Queen Paola and King Albert II 

Pope Benedict XVI and King Juan Carlos.                              Abdullah of Jordan met Benedict.         

"Holy" Roman Catholic Church:  Your path through history long is about to be uncovered. 

Everybody in the World:  Time to Wake Up !!   

... A little more every day we Wake Up  : ) 

U N R E P E N T A N T -- Part 1 of 3 For All Parts: 

Uploaded by  on Jan 21, 2012

Imagine, uncovering a clear case of the Canadian Government and churches actively engaged in genocide against people of Canada - for hundreds of years. What to do?

And then find another case and more and more clear evidence of this mass crime against humanity. What to do?

Learn about the creation of boarding schools where more than half the children die. Where germ warfare is used - small pox and tuberculous on the kids and others too. Where children are stolen from their parents. Where a child is pushed out a 2nd floor window, dies and nothing is done about this murder. Theft of land, rivers, forests. Over 50,000 children murdered. What to do?

The obvious thing of course.

Find creative actions to seek justice, full justice, including full and fair reparation for each and every harm, halt any further harms in their tracks - everywhere on the planet, and find creative ways so these sorts of harms can be stopped early on before the run amuck - in to crimes against humanity and genocide, and find suitable ways to deal with the institutions and individuals that participated in these harms so they never do them again.

That is what Kevin Annett sets out to do with this film - nothing less. The entire film and distribution is a self-funded, grassroots effort reaching throughout the planet. Full professional unrelenting research and scholarship created this film and is an important part of the on going creative work for full justice. See the projects website: www.HiddenFromHistory.org

First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors are interwoven with Kevin Annett's own story of how he dealt with the abuse of power by the church and governments against him. These attacks added further examples of what the church and state can attempt to do to anyone they choose, further convincing Kevin the government and churches of Canada can, did and do commit crimes against humanity including genocide against the people of Canada.

What to do? What would Jesus do?

"Kevin is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many who have received it in the past."
- Dr. Noam Chomsky
Institute Professor Emeritus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"A courageous and inspiring man." (referring to Kevin Annett)
- Mairead Corrigan-Maguire
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Belfast , Northern Ireland


Unrepentant is available for any Public Access TV station in the country - and world - to broadcast.
Phone your local public access TV station and ask them to broadcast Unrepentant. The station can download the film from PEGMedia.org for broadcast to your local community.


U N R E P E N T A N T -- Part 1 of 3 For all parts:http://www.youtube.com/user/betterworldfilms1


[3 Parts - Part 1 http://youtu.be/J9LHpj0_9Dg 54 minutes, Part 2http://youtu.be/IyPA85orsfY 45 minutes, Part 3 http://youtu.be/LjQr112TCok27 minutes]


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