Friday, 1 June 2012

The "No Confidence Party" NZ

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No Confidence Party


1. To represent the people of New Zealand who are not confident in:
* any of the parties on the ballot paper.
* any of the candidates on the ballot paper.
* the current system of government enough to register themselves on the electoral roll.

2. To act as the people's advocate in parliament. Once a constituent provides a verified affidavit, the No Confidence Party will process the matter and undertake investigation or necessary action to remedy the people's concerns. We will provide an avenue for direct access to parliament for people to question Ministers.

3. In an electoral situation, if an MP fails to represent their constituent, the No Confidence Partywill act as the constituent's representative by:
* taking the matter up directly with any local MP.
* exposing the MP's party for any failure that results in a constituent's complaint where lack of confidence requires investigation.
* advising MP's parties of complaints or by conducting investigations into complaints. We will demand better service from our MPs.
* ensuring investigative actions are carried out in a manner which is totally transparent with full disclosure for all matters at all times.
* presenting key findings from investigations to parliament where a remedy is needed.

4. Any bill before parliament that does not have the support of the people will not have the support of this party. For example, the 86% of people who disagreed with the anti-smacking bill and the majority of people who disagreed with the lifting of the GE moratorium will have their voice correctly represented.

5. Any petitions, commissions and enquiries previously ignored by government will be re-presented to the people upon request and reactivated in order that remedies may be provided for the people to benefit.

6. The No Confidence Party will create better open representation of the New Zealand people in all aspects of local and central government.

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