Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Who makes up these crappy laws ?? Not the Bilderberg'ers surely ??

National Says ‘Yes’ to Investor Rights to Sue

Media release: Professor Jane Kelsey
Thursday 14 June 2012

New TPP Leaked Text: 
National Says ‘Yes’ to Investor Rights to Sue

Another chapter of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations has been leaked, heralding “another bad news day for National”, says TPP critic Professor Jane Kelsey.
The draft text of the investment chapter, including the section on investor-enforcement, is undated, but is understood to be recent. A copy is here:
[Scoop copy tppinvestment.pdf]
It confirms that National has agreed to let foreign investors like Philip Morris, Pfizer, Warners, Exxon Mobil or Microsoft sue New Zealand for damages in private offshore tribunals, claiming that new laws or policies breach their rights under the agreement.

For the full article:

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