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Weird explosions and radiation events USA

Mystery Booms, Explosions, and Trees Shaking Amid High Radiation Readings in Indiana and 

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Michigan Mystery Explosions 380 Killed Disinfo

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Blatant Media Cover Up! A Radiation Risk in South Bend, Indiana - June 11, 2012

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This media news story is not credible since both and read the same high readings. So, how could two systems not connected to each other produce the same equipment malfunction? This smells like another typical cover up. What else are they going to say? Since Fukushima began, both the EPA and NRC have consistently lied to the public and raised the safe level radiation limits.

Alert! Extremely High Radiation Levels In Indiana! - June 6, 2012

Explicit: Parental advisement

Massive Nuclear Explosions and Coverup In Indiana and Michigan

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On June 6th, 2012 two separate radiation monitoring stations; one in Fort Wayne, Ind. and one in South Bend, Ind. reported extremely high radiation levels. Interestingly enough, this happened a few days after several explosions have been heard in the area along with FEMA, DHS, NIMS, HAZMAT, and unmarked military aircraft. All of these occurrences have been happening in northern Indiana and southern Michigan.
The mainstream news is not reporting this, in fact the radiation readings have been pulled from the radiation monitoring stations websites and the original youtube video links from the article were not working.
The explosions were so intense they actually snapped trees in half, there have been no earthquakes in the region, and supposedly no aircraft flying over the sound barrier. There is also a video report from dutchsinse on the subject explaining these things.
Plus, there is an Nightly News Report by Aaron Dykes and Chris Odden about secret nuclear reactors, secret nuclear dump sites, secret underground nuclear labs, and secret nuclear testing facilities in Austin, Texas. They also report on how these are actually all across the country, and nobody seems to know.
The Nightly News Report also talks about the CDC Bio-weapons facilities that are storing weaponized strains of ebola, smallpox, anthrax, etc. and how they should be in level 3 facilities underground with minefields, barbed wire fences, guards with machine guns, and able to rise in flames at the push of a button. However these strains are being stored in universities behind glass doors requiring nothing more than a swipe card for protection, a level 2 facility.

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Link to Radiation Network Reading which was pulled:

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MICHIGAN 60ft Trees Snapped off after House Shaking Booms

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