Saturday, 16 June 2012

Not for the Squeamish !!

American Kabuki has been struck with a very mysterious skin infection...  Please send love and light for his healing...

This is a straight-up mirror of one of American Kabuki's posts:

Not for the Squeamish!

This is not for the squeamish.  But since many of you wanted photos here it is. This is my right leg this morning. The blister has popped and is draining some awful looking fluid.  My leg frankly looks like someone took a torch to it.  A friend did some remote healing work on me and I've really improved since.  He found what might be signs of a negative energy attack, if not out right Illuminati attack.  I grew up with preachers claiming dark things were behind every bad attitude or personal moral failure of their own, frankly I hate to make such a statement as it sounds like a copout.   But there is more going on here here with my body than germs or gall bladders, my chi energy has been slammed and distorted to magnify my weak points.  And the people behind this are really sick fucks.  Sorry for the word, but there's no other term I can think of for these people.  Ben Fulford knows of whom I speak.  Their days is coming when they answer for both their physical and spiritual crimes.  The energetic attack has been broken. I will heal.  My leg looks like crap though.

My left leg which was the worst one.  The purple marks are from the nurses purple marker, on Sunday it was red to the purple lines, you can see the redness has retreated by about 6 inches.

This is the portable IV pump for the UNISOM (ampicillian and another drug).

This is the Vancomycin kit. First a flush with saline, then this pressurized ball of vancomycin time releases into my "Pic Line" (IV catheter) in my arm. Vanco is pretty harsh stuff so they put in the pick line to use a large vein to release it into the body.  Saves on the thinner arm vein.  After the ball expends itself, it becomes a cylinder and I follow it will a saline flush, then a heparin flush to keep the catheter clear of clotting.

This is the Pic Line in my arm, it has two spigots that I attach the IV feeds to. The sock thing helps me keep the vancomycin feed neatly wrapped away when not in use.  I have to use one of these balls twice a day, once around 9am and another around 9pm.

Thank you all for your prayers, meditations, healing thoughts, and marvelous healing woo woo!  I don't understand it all, and if what I am doing now is unenlightened bear with me, I know it kept me alive before and I really want to make it to December 21, 2012, but I feel like I might be sliding into home base on my belly in the dust with a few baseball kleet marks on my legs.  I didn't go through that NDE in 2009 to kick it at this stage in history.

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