Saturday, 9 June 2012

Angels are amongst us...

Prepare to come into the most incredible vibration of Love   : )   

Brazilian Raul Gil Got Talent 2012 - Agnus Dei - Jotta A - The Best Kids

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amazing voice god bless!!!!

Whatever your religion, I am sure your heart will understand the vibration in this music and the resonance within this young man's voice.  

There is such yearning in the human heart for connection ~ with each other and our Maker on a heart-level... not on a mind-level of intellectual under-standing of each other...  but where we feel each other's hearts and are known by each other as our true Be-ing...  the Essential Nature of Who We Are...  which at its Core is only 'The Good'.

'The Good' is demonstrated through us as we go about our daily lives. We just need to 'remember', even just a little bit, that we Are much more than our skin, our senses, our perceptions...  We Are Eternal Beings...  we are the Embodiment of Divinity...  whether we call this Divine Nature 'God' or 'Allah', YHWH, 'Brahma', 'Shona', 'Io', 'The Great White Spirit', 'Creator', 'Maker', 'Father' or 'Mother'...  This Essence is the Same...  Love.

This is the Eternal Intelligent Consciousness who cradles us all within the perfection of Nature Who provides us with all of our Life's needs... Only human greed and blindness brings about imbalance within this Grand Design. This indeed is a Grand Design...  and fools are those who would destroy this Design and bring it under the hand of man who believes him/ herself to be so powerful in pulling it down and polluting the land and killing the animals... and bowing to the god of Money who asks such a sacrifice of the Earth, Earth's Peoples, the Animals, the Plants, the Microbes...  the very Crystalline Kingdom and Angelic/ Deva Kingdoms of our Pure Earth. Fools deprecate and mine the core of the earth for Her illustrious provision... that has been gifted us all as conduits to the sacred.
Fools, Fools they are and with no understanding.  I pray they soon be brought to light...  and come soon to realise the folly of their way.  

The Earth is a perfect paradise...
Humanity is uplifted on the Spirit of Love...

This music is testament of the Love for All of Creation.
Be...  In Love 

: )  xx Bron

Jotta A Descansarei Still Hillsong with subtitles

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No description available.

"Be still and know that I am God...  and I will give you rest."  (The Bible)

Jotta A & Michely Manuely - Hallellujah

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Hallelujah (shrek song) Best version!

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This is sung by Espen Lind, Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen and in that order. I think this is the best version of the song. Enjoy.

Sorry about the poor quality... i don't know what happened!!

I love this version of "Hallelujah" so had to include it here too.  I love the quality of Kurt Kilsen's voice...  just amazing !!!   

~ he's the blondie  ~ the plumber from Norway !!  : )

Lind, Nilsen, Fuentes, Holm - Hallelujah (LIVE)

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Kurt Nilsen
Espen Lind
Askil Holm
Alejandro Fuentes

... a beautiful concert. What a spectacle !!  Thousands of people !!  : )
What angels !!  : )

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