Tuesday 1 July 2014

Drone strikes in Iraq gets support from NZ Prime Minister John Key

I've never seen John Key look so shit scared in all his time as New Zealand's Prime Minister. And it's no wonder. He's just shown his TRUE COLOURS.

How is it that John Key so easily spouts the words "The United States is standing up against a terrorist threat... And of course we support that action 100 per cent" ? 

Key supports any action the US wants to take, even if it means carrying out airstrikes using bombs, missiles and drones WITHOUT a United Nations Security Council ruling. 

Key is not stupid. He was the Head Foreign Exchange trader (FOREX) in NZ in the 1980s - 1990s. Did the same in Aussie. Did the same in London when he worked for Merrill Lynch.  

From 1999 until 2001, John Key became an adviser to the privately owned cartel which holds America by the scrotum: "The US Federal Reserve Bank", aka the "FED".  

Not US  =  it has private owners from all around the world.  

Not Federal  =  it is not a part of the US Federal government mechanism.  

Not a Bank...  it is not a REAL bank  

=  It behaves like a pirate mafioso crime syndicate in suit and tie. It decides for itself if it will create money or not, undoubtedly for maximum self-advantage. 

=  It prints the paper, devalues the US dollar in doing so, and is the ONLY vehicle through which the US government has its cash flows "adjusted".  

=  The money is LOANED to the US governement at interest, no less.  

No... "Quite normal" ... nothing to see here.

Who the hell was the TWIT signed off on agreement like that ?? ... back in 1913. 

Ref:  the US Federal Reserve Act. 

Note: the money that is needed to cover the interest that the US worker and taxpayer is supposed to pay back to the FED for the loan of the new money printed, is never printed over and above. Therefore: the US government (its people) are in perpetual debt. There is never enough money put into the system in the first place to cover the interest on the "loan".  

A bright 10-year-old could work this out.  

So why is this "banking" scam perpetuated decade after decade in the US?

And please keep in mind:   John Key ADVISED the US Federal Reserve Bank 1999-2001.

Is that a light switch I can hear flicking on ?

John Key knows the US game-plan for the middle-East. For godsakes, KEY was invited into the Planning Room with Barry Obama, US military strategists, US propaganda strategists, during his June 2014 visit to America, no doubt in part to nut out how to pitch Drone Strikes to the world.  

Why was John Key invited into that meeting, one of the most secret meetings on earth, during his recent visit?

After the meeting, the all too eager-to-please Key was thrown into the lion's den (the media scrum), quite likely in a bid to pave the way for all other US "friends" to join in giving their support to the proposed drone strikes on Iraq.  

Back at home, New Zealander's were aghast upon hearing John Key recite those tired, age-old, but tried-and-true lines: 

"The United States is standing up against a terrorist threat, and it's trying to protect the innocent people of Iraq. And of course, we support those actions, 100 percent...  We're one of the 'good guys."   - John Key,  20 June 2014.  

In front of all New Zealanders, our Prime Minister has just shown his TRUE COLORS - and that could well lead to a "Strike" alright. NZ has its three-yearly General Election coming up in September:  What a strange time to pledge allegiance to Uncle Sam when public feeling for remaining outside of ANZUS is still strong. For John Key, it could certainly mean:

"STee- RIKE !! You're OUT !!"

Perhaps John Key has outlived his usefulness...

Perhaps it's time to bring up the fresh David Cunliffe and fresher still Russell Norman.

John Key is definitely past his Use By date. 

If he weren't, he would have never ever been set up like this by the US insiders.

Silly bugger. Not enough street smartz and he took the bait.

TV3 news report video link:

President Obama Meets with Prime Minister John Key

Published on Jun 20, 2014
by The White House

President Obama participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand, June 20, 2014.

"(0:40) The US and New Zealand relationship has never been stronger... (1:00) We have increasing consultations and relationships between our militaries.  We had an excellent conversation about many regional issues and some broader issues and challenges... trade and commerce in the Pacific region... The threat of North Korea... we both agreed we welcome China's peaceful rise... It is important for us to be able to resolve disputes, like maritime disputes, in accordance with International Law... to maintain a legal framework for resolving issues as opposed to possible escalation that could have an impact on navigation and commerce...  [what the hell does that imply?]  ... We discussed the state of the world economy...  NZ is one of the few countries that maybe can match us in our agricultural productivity and the excellence of our products... (4:51) We discussed some poor ?? security issues...  The state of Hawaii is going to be welcoming a New Zealand ship coming into port for the first time in a couple of decades [Key blushing profusely]  ... the cooperation that we have on intelligence issues... NZ excellent efforts when it comes to training and participating in peace-keeping operations makes it an invaluable partner..."   - Barak Obama

What DID they discuss about "Maritime Security" ???  Makes you bloody wonder  :-/

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