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In a nice little village in Pakistan near a military base... on May 2, 2011

This post exposes the extent of the lies the American media told us in regard to the supposed killing of Osama bin Laden when his so-called "compound" was raided on May 2, 2011.

My point is:  If the American media can lie outright to us over something as big as this, what makes you think they're not lying about ISIS?

Here's who and what ISIS really is. Here is what CNN doesn't want you to know:

Following is what the American media published about the May 2, 2011 raid on the "bin Laden compound". I've posted additional information here about these raids the American media didn't want you to notice and don't want you to know... This is not meant to be an exhaustive expose but rather "illustrative" of how this giant media machine works.

Heads up. Eyes open...

It was a lovely, pleasant tranquil backdrop somewhere in a remote village, in Pakistan...


Image source  Please note: This so-called "reputable" UK website appears to be fine with disseminating propaganda.

The people of Abbottabad in Pakistan went about their daily business... 

eg: QAU Alumni Association event - April 20, 2011

On the night of May 2, 2011, one of the townspeople from across the green heard a helicopter hovering over his neighbour's house. It was a very large property where he sometimes used to play cards with the two men who lived there. It is unclear if they were the sole occupants, but it sounds like it...

Pakistan TV Exposes bin Laden Killing Hoax

Published on Nov 19, 2013
by GlobalResearchTV

Update March 5, 2016 - Apparently, "somebody" doesn't want you to know the truth since this eyewitness testimony above has been removed from YouTube. Here's some other eyewitness accounts, but nothing like the 10 minute testimony of the neighbour on Nov 19, 2013, now removed  : (

Abbottabad residents: Operation of killing Bin Laden a hoax

Uploaded on May 4, 2011

US President Barack Obama's dramatic announcement that the world's most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden was shot dead in a compound in Pakistan's north western city of Abbotabad surprised the world. At a distance of about a hundred and thirty kilometers from the federal capital, the garrison city of Abbotabad is a picturesque valley in the foothills of the Karakarom.

Alright... I just found the original video - the one that was removed from YouTube. It was reposted on Dec 28, 2015 by Your News Wire with a Vimeo version of this interview on the article. Thank you Your News Wire. Well done.

Back in Washington on May 2, 2011, the Obama administration looked on in horror at the so-called storming of the compound and the shooting of Osama bin Laden.

Intense: President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, alongside other Security staff, watch the mission unfold at the White House
Image source.  Please note: ANOTHER so-called "reputable" UK website appears to be fine with disseminating propaganda.

Meanwhile... Languishing in a Dubai hospital, Osama bin Laden was fighting for his life. It is reported that bin Laden had a lung complication aggravated by an ongoing kidney condition. It was reported that Osama bin Laden later died. Date: 13 December 2001.

WHAT THE.... ???  What the hell happened to the 'time line' ??

Image source  - Illustration is indicative. Photoshop

See the Veterans Today article on the death of Osama bin Laden of kidney failure in December 2001.

In the middle of the night on May 2, 2011, American Navy Seals "Team 6" allegedly stormed bin Laden's alleged compound, bring the occupants to their knees. They apparently shot Osama bin Laden ouright. He was dead... again. At least, that's what the American President said he saw.

These carefully date-marked and time-stamped pictures following, were released on May 4 2011, just to confirm that the "terror threat" had really been put down.

This is clearly a photoshopped image >
Date and Time stamp:  2 May 2011 @  2:30

Another photoshopped image >
Date and Time stamp:  2 May 2011 @  2:30

Definitely a photoshopped image >
Source  Date and Time stamp:  2 May 2011 @  2:39

Isn't that a wall on the left? So how is it that this strangely positioned body disappears through a wall? Where is the photographer standing? The light source is coming from behind the photographer and yet no shadow is cast? Maybe he/she is standing on top of the body and half-way inside the wall ?? Whatever's going on, this photo does not look right to me. It's all very strange.

Please note: This is a third so-called "reputable" news agency (Wall Street Journal) cited on this blog post that appears to be fine with disseminating propaganda.

The next day, locals, journalists and general nosey-parkers gathered... No doubt marvelling that Osama bin Laden was able to keep his whereabouts such a secret in the small town of Abbottabad, even though there was a fully functioning Pakistani military base only 800 yards (1km) down the road from his supposed "compound". At least the Pakistani Army secured the perimeter by sending in their Terrorist Squad, featured in this photograph. I'm sure all fears were allayed with this public display of readiness. 

Close up: The compound in the town of Abbotabad, Pakistan, where Osama Bin Laden was killed in the early hours of Monday morning
Image source

Isn't it a bit strange how the press persisted in its use of the word "compound"? Why couldn't they just call it what it is? - A disused "back yard" or the "bin Laden property"? Isn't a "compound" where you engage in military activities ?? Oooo LOOK !!! There's a military-style jeep parked outside. THAT proves it !!

Pakistani Army soldiers pass by the compound where Osama Bin Laden was killed by US military forces
Image source

The only military activities occurring in that house from what i've been able to work out so far is: "Rook moves to Queen 4".

Image source    Photo 25.  This photo is free from propaganda...  At last !!!!  All the spatial planes are sitting exactly where they are meant to be.  What a relief from brain weirdness.

Apparently, a number of bin Laden's wives lived in the ramshackle old house that, on the inside and out, looked more like a bachelor pad than a family home. Fortunately, the wives had foolproof exit strategies and were never seen by anyone other than the Navy Seals "Team 6" on the night of the raid. Even the woman who was likely fatally wounded when bin Laden allegedly used her body as a human shield, was never seen again. Her family never voiced their outrage at her tragic shooting by US marines.

Silence...  And more silence...

It must be to do with the 'oppression of women' in those countries I guess ... ??

Image source

In his graphic summary of the events of May 2, 2011, creative artist John Lawson says of the complex, "$1 million three-storey house; built five years ago; barbed wire topped walls; security cameras..."

While the description sounds quite grand and terrifying, the barbed wire 'security fencing' was actually in a great deal of disrepair, just like the rest of the house. And as you can see... there are no security cameras... Just a clapped out Spy dish... I mean SKY dish... which is just as well it's for TV, given there's no phone or internet connections.

You can see multitudinous power lines spidering out in every direction from the house - typical of Pakistani infrastructure, no doubt. Yes. VERY dangerous... or are some of those just washing lines??


John apparently didn't see actual photos of the house before providing his graphic (following). How embarrassing... And perhaps someone else wrote the script for John's poster who didn't have a clue either?

Perhaps "John" isn't ACTUALLY real?

Perhaps "John" is chained to a work station in the 4th basement floor of the Dulce highly "secret" military base in New Mexico that NOBODY knows about, and is FORCED by the CIA to produce these graphics? 

The storming of Bin Laden's lair

Image source:  The Daily Mail... again...

Does the CIA (if it really exists) need to proclaim itself as the 'Source' in the bottom left hand corner of this poster, if indeed this is a bonafide poster issued by the REAL US Administration?  Is there a REAL "US Administration" ??? !!!  And if NOT... How did "unreal John" and "unreal Script writer Mr. X" get these "unreal photographs" to produce what looks like a VERY REAL poster ?? What the... ???? And why did the REAL US Administration, NOT say: "This has nothing to do with US," if in fact this poster were NOT REAL. Perhaps we've got it all wrong... Perhaps the REAL US is actually THEM ??? 
- And who is THEM? ARE WE in fact better off with THEM than US ?? 

It's a REAL TEASER I can tell you.

Is "The Daily Mail" (UK) in fact REAL !! ??? Are they ACTUALLY IN the UK? Or are they a bit like the "United States Federal Reserve Bank" which is not owned by any part of the "United States" government (of the people), has NOTHING to do with the US "Federal Government", does NOT maintain a gold "Reserve" that we know of, and is most certainly NOT A BANK. In fact... It's the "Reverse" of everything they say It Is. Did you get that little 'mind-play' just then ??? Tricky. Tricky. Tricky.

Are there really people called SAM GREENHILL and DAVID WILLIAMS and IMTIAZ HUSSAIN who actually work on The Daily Mail? Who do they REALLY work for...

The Alien agenda !! ??? Aaaarrrggghhh.... OH DEAR GOD... !!! I think i'm going mad here !!! Heeeeeelp... The layers and the madness is utterly insane !!! I really should do like everyone else... And JUST STOP LOOKING !! That would be so much easier... and so much less confusing... 

Of course they don't want us to look !!  
This is the greatest incentive to keep looking !!

Boys in Abbottabad with Osama bin Laden's compound in the background
Image source

Village children fossicked around the next day and found chunks of helicopter all around the outside of the property... Just as Mohammad Bashir, their neighbour who appeared on the Pakistani news, told them they would find. HE seems to be real at least. And so do the charred remains of the helicopter...  At least, we're now back on terra firma.

The children took home these little scraps, these momentos, of the night they Drove Old Dixie D... I mean... "The Americans Freed their country of a Terrorist Threat."  Thank God for that !! We really couldn't have lived a day longer with a dead man walking. It's NOTHING to do with public opinion... But: Because we've now got our man...

"We're pulling out of Afghanistan" !!

Image source

... And much bigger "chunks" inside the "compound" 
... or maybe it's outside? ... or maybe it's at the military airbase just down the road? It's getting rather difficult to tell now... Especially since the brain is wired to TRUST what we're being TOLD rather than what we SEE !! And what I see is a brick wall. And all the walls around the bin Laden "complex" were plastered ones. The wall in the next pic down is brick as well. That's the one John Lawson used on his grahic as well. 

But my suggestion is: If the wall is brick, you're probably not at the bin Laden 'complex' any longer. So these pics of the helicopter hanging over a wall like a photographic Dali, could actually have been taken anywhere.

Crashed: The wreckage of the helicopter which came down during the raid lies in the compound grounds
Image source

Have you ever noticed before how much the EPA copyright logo looks like an eye, with an iris in it ? What am I talking about? Look up. Your eyes might not have seen it, but your brain did. Oh well... Just as well the EPA is a bonafide US government agency at least, so there will be NO subliminal mind control message there at all...

THAT'S such a relief !!

Wrecked helicopter from Bin Laden raid
Image source

Graphic artist John Lawson got right onto it between 2-4 May, 2011. He probably worked all day and all night on his poster, ever since the May 2, 2011 news broke... Or maybe he got a heads-up of the secret mission and was able to lay down some of the images in advance ?? He produced a very helpfulblow-by-blow impression of how it all went down... Just so everyone could "remember" how it all went down ...
Graphic showing the U.S. raid on the compound where Bin Laden lived 

By May 11, 2011, Barak Obama still couldn't confirm definitively if they'd gotten their man, even though photos in the mainstream media had appeared on May 2, 2011 (American time), very clearly showing a very dead Osama bin Laden... These images even appeared on New Zealand TV news... Both the public news channel (TV1 - NZ government funded) AND TWO private news channels (TV3 and Prime).  ... So these pictures MUST be REAL - Right?

OH GOD !! 

PLEASE tell me that SOMEONE in these three news rooms actually LOOKED at these images !! ??

Image source

Image source

Pakistanis gathered together in protest. They could see exactly the bullshit that was going down, putting their beautiful and peaceful country into disrepute with the West...

Protest: Hundreds of people gathered in Karachi in Pakistan to chant slogans condemning the killing of Osama Bin Laden and offer funeral prayers
Image source.  Photo caption: Protest: Hundreds of people gathered in Karachi in Pakistan to chant slogans condemning the killing of Osama Bin Laden and offer funeral prayers - AP

... or had they just bowled another wicket in a Pakistan vs. New Zealand cricket test being shown on a big screen in the village square?? Yes... I can see their prayer mats tucked away there, at the ready.

"Allied Press, aka. APNZ". Don't they own the NZ Herald ??? 

Image source

Ten months later, the ramshackle old house was pulled down... I'm surprised.

With SO MUCH EVIDENCE of the "American Navy Seals 'Team 6' atrocity" left all through the house, why was it not pulled down immediately after the "incident" and all carted away... Just like they did with the Twin Towers and Building 7 after the missi.. Sorry... The PLANES crashed into the One World Trade... Oooops. No. That's the one they've got NOW. I meant, "The World Trade Centre" in downtown Manhatten.

Damn... I'll really HAVE TO stop falling over my tongue like that. I could really be courting "problems" ... A little knock on the door from a stranger wearing sunglasses, a straight thin tie and a black suit, perhaps ??

... All very "men in black" ... Because NONE of that is real, of course... So we have to tell you you're NOT seeing what you are... because our WORDS are much more powerful than what you see. And we need to point out what a stereotyped idiocy it is to ever think that men with black eyes... Sorry... Black SUITS, are real.

NOT REAL ... "You are getting very sleepy..."

Good riddance! Osama bin Laden's former hideout where the Al Qaeda planned terror attacks is demolished by diggers
Image source. Photo caption: "Good riddance! Osama bin Laden's former hideout where the Al Qaeda planned terror attacks is demolished by diggers... and not a day too soon." - the Daily Mail

No... Not AT ALL a proponent of propanda... "You MUST believe what I say... I am the authentic, legitimate media. I have to swear on the Bible and such things and confess that I only tell you the truth... as I want you to see it..."

"You are getting very sleepy..."

"And I couldn't be bothered looking up what that machine is really called... So I just called it a 'digger'... but you won't notice... Because you're very sleepy..."

And the local children can now take a short cut to school, through the old property, much to their mothers' delights. How the hell do you explain that to your kids... of what's gone down in your own neighbourhood? These children are reminded of these horrors twice a day now. How could those kids ever trust an American again?

No worries.The location will soon be transformed into an Officer's Mess and Social Club just down the road from the air base, now that the Insurance Company has finally paid out on the old ramshackle tactical exercise facility. Just joking... or am I ??

Image source  

And WHAT ABOUT that crack team of 22 Navy Seals who carried out the "Let's take down Osama bin Laden" operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011 ??

Wouldn't you know it? Four months later, they're all dead! Damn... What's the odds ??

Maybe it was bits of bodies of Navy Seals "Team 6" that Mohammad Bashir had seen on the night of the helicopter explosion... You remember? - Those parts of bodies that had littered the back yard of that Pakistani homestead on May 2, 2011, just as M. Bashir testified in his interview?

Dead men tell no lies... and No Truth either, for that matter...

Damn... It's TRUE. If you live by the sword, you DO die by the sword. Good warning.

See August 9, 2013 Washinton Post article for more on the downing of Navy Seals Team 6 here >>

_ _ _ _ _ 

So much for the life of a man who started out "The Darling of the West".

Let this be a warning to all other so-called "Friends" of the United States' inner circle.

Quick !! New Zealand !! Get right out of the circle !!! Right NOW !!

Monday, September 10, 2012  [Google translation amended]

Osama Bin Laden: From hero to the west enemy No. 1

The Bin Laden family was a millionaire [family]. [They] Did business with another equally rich family, Bush, who elected to two of its presidency of the United States. 

One of his sons, Osama, civil engineer, became the darling of the imperialist powers to become a key strategist in the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, with the support of the United States. 

Then he went to Sudan, working on infrastructure projects and military training. When he turned against the West, became Public Enemy No. 1 from the attack on the twin towers in New York in 2001. 

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein followed the same trajectory: Helpful to Americans attacking Iran in the '70s, then became demonized when he tried to sketch autonomy and eventually killed like bin Laden.  - Another "ungrateful." 

Follow the link for an article 1993 filling his ball  [ ? ]. 
The title of The Independent: "Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace."

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  1. 28 September 2013: A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, 76, said says that the official account of the raid which killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 is ‘one big lie’... In his opinion, the solution would be to shut down news networks like NBC and ABC and fire 90 per cent of mainstream editors and replace them with ‘real’ journalists who are not afraid to speak truth to power.


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