Sunday 27 July 2014

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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Gaza massacre is the price of a “Jewish state”

"A decade later, we can say with certainty that Israel is not a “normal” society. It is clear that in order to “kill and kill and kill,” Israeli society has had to dehumanize Palestinians to an unprecedented extent.

This is perhaps what explains the pervasive cry of “death to the Arabs,” the relentless incitement by politicians and public figures, and the intolerance for any dissent from the crushing consensus in favor of the Gaza slaughter. There is a level of dehumanization that allows lawmaker Ayelet Shaked, a rising star, to call for the slaughter of mothers in Gaza because they give birth to “little snakes” and face no negative repercussions."

It is official: 

Protesting against Israel is considered anti-Semitic

12:43 PM  

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DOES ADL actually WANT Civil War in America ??  I caught a preacher-man with a following of 10's of thousands adding misleading headlines on his Facebook Photos yesterday.

PAUL WILBUR (preacher) sounds like he wants to start a Civil War in America as well.


People from all corners are telling you LIES !!!!

If you can't see through the bs. here's what's going on:

People are protesting for bombing to stop... in both Gaza and Israel.  These are Peace Protests.

The likes of CNN, ADL and Paul Wilbur are trying to CON you into believing that these protesters are "Pro-Hamas" and "Anti-Israel" and "Anti-Semite".


Use your God-given brain and use your common sense.

If you can't start to engage your intelligence, you MOST CERTAINLY WILL be tricked into another Civil War.  Simply:  TEST EVERYTHING.  DO NOT believe what you are being told.

You Are Being Lied To !!

Go to news outlets like this for information right at the source.  The American media is telling you LIES !!


The Angry Arab News Service (link)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

This is Gaza. This is alshujaiya

A century of Zionism and they refuse to be defeated

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

CNN on Gaza

You know how far CNN [would go] when the anchor Wolf Blitzer says: And now for the Israeli perspective from the former Israeli ambassador in the UN, Michel Oren, who also is a CNN Middle East analyst. 

AbuKhalil also comments that: 
  • other US media covering the Gaza conflict are using these sorts of sources
  • Wolf Blitzer is an Israeli  who began his career writing for the Israeli lobby publication, the Near East Report 

Democratically elected?

I dont watch US TV news anymore but heard a few minutes in the car on CNN and it was enough to let me know all I need to know about the coverage.  

Michael Oren was on CNN and he talked about Israel being "the only democratically elected government".  

Israeli propaganda needs to be updated: that line works with regard to Egypt and Jordan and Syria but no more applies to Gaza. 

Hamas government in Gaza is in fact democratically elected (in the most free election which was only marred by the infusion of US and Gulf money to sway the results) and the only reason why another election has not take place is due to US objections because they can't guarantee the victory of the clients of occupation, Fath.

From Gaza now

benwedeman (@bencnn #Gaza now: 1,062 dead, including ca 200 children (+70 % civilians); 

6,037 wounded, 167,269 (ca. 1/10th of the population) displaced.

Israeli media complicity

Israeli Radio bans listing names of children killed in Gaza

Massive demonstration in Sweden for Gaza 

(unlike in the US, war crimes and massacres are not big over there)

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Dumb Israeli propaganda in Arabic

I always say that it pleases to live to a day when Israeli propaganda has become dumber than Ba`thist and Saudi propaganda.  It really does.  Look at this Arabic language silly propaganda "ID card" of Hamas released by the Israeli terrorist army. It lists Hamas "roots" as atheist, and I don't even know what that means and no one in the Arab world will know.

Also, in the section of "course" (manhaj): it misspells the Arabic word كسر and write قصر which has a whole different meaning.  

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Correction: It is a parody account of the Israeli terrorist army. The Israeli terrorist army tweeted this picture with this caption:

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"One of our brave soldiers defending himself against a Hamas member who's in the deadly running away position #Gaza"  What does "deadly running away position" mean?

Inspiring: the new Arab generation

I wrote this in Arabic but wish to write it hear for those Arabs in the diaspora who don't read Arabic: the new Arab generation (and from all Arab states) have done a great job in social media in support of Gaza. They are responsible for tipping the balance in the coverage against the Israeli war criminals.  Keep it up, non-stop, because Israeli aggression is non-stop.

Palestinian Children Tortured, Used As Shields By Israel, UN Says

"Palestinian Children Tortured, Used As Shields By Israel, UN Says"

The UN must think people in the West are 


What a pack of horrible LIES this is.

Why would the UN say this ??

I think Israel probably has the capacity for it

But I simply don't think it's true !!

It's the old "divide and conquer" trick.

The UN is really showing their 


"United Nations" my arse !!

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