Monday 7 July 2014

YOU Are the CHANGE... Changing the "ISIS" myth

Are YOU heroic and strong enough within yourself to stand up within the river of Public Opinion and say: 

"I don't buy the bullshit that CNN, Fox, ABC, BBC... are trying to sell me." ??

Are you brave enough to stand... 

In your family and in your community... 

To say this, right where you are now? 

Because IF YOU DO, YOU will SAVE the war-torn children of Iraq 

from horrors FAR EXCEEDING 

anything we have seen up to this point in history. 

YOU can stop it.

YOU can save the world right now, by STANDING UP and saying: 

"I no longer believe the bullshit of our media and of our government." 

Yes. This applies to ALL Western governments, all around the world. They are ALL puppets of the magicians of the Kabbal. They are ALL puppets falling on their knees at the feet of their masters... all for the love of money.

YOU ARE the Hero in this situation... the ONLY Hero. 

The World NEEDS YOU...

YOU ARE Creating a new future, right now... through your thoughts and what you ally yourself with.

And you WILL SAVE the People of Iraq by taking Your Stand... 

In your heart, at home... Right now in your living room. 

It's a choice. And the choice is YOURS. Right now. 

Do you contribute to the genocide, or not?

- By choosing to align in your mind with the propaganda of the mainstream media machine?

Otherwise, YOU ARE committing GENOCIDE

YOU WILL EXTERMINATE the people of Iraq outright  

Unless YOU Stand. 

Stand with me. 

And don't believe the bullshit. 


And that is all that is required.

Thank you

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  2. Hello. Thank you for your post above, now removed. You had no references to back up what you were saying.

    Where do you currently live? Which news agencies are you going to for your information?

    Thank you.


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