Sunday 6 July 2014

Quick ISIS download here. YOUR introduction to the real "ISIS"

All the links below kick back to posts on this site. I put them in groups so you can see and uptake the information pretty quickly. That's the hope...  Please enjoy, and share...    

It will probably take a few days to go through this list of links, but if you go through the material in this chronological order, it's my hope you will be able to see this situation for what it is. This infomation came to me by "happenstance" over the last 2 weeks.  I knew none of this two weeks ago.

Thanks for your interest.  This is VERY important information for all of the world really, so please, please, please...  Please share this info. on social media, e-mail contacts, other bloggers' sites/ via contact or Comment, with other activists you know, with radio show hosts and so on.

At the moment, the media has the monopoly on what they want to disseminate into the world, and call the "truth".  For the information on this blog to even "hit the sides" of our communities and the mainstream media, it's going to take every one of us  actively pushing this information out there...  until the media can no longer deny that they've been caught up in this scam.

This is not hedonism or any sort of blogger vanity. All material is in the public domain. You're quite welcome to pinch my stuff.  Please add your referencing back to this blog.  That will help a lot with any future disinformation, naysayers, hecklers, etc...  It also gives readers 10th generation down (for example) a line to come back on... to chew my ear or pass on new info. or whatever.

Please Share...  and reference.  Thanks.

Part 1.  Looking at US involvement in world affairs

(1)  History repeats: The US is trying to pull another war out of it's bu**   

Sing along 3-4 times until you really get what this song is saying.

(2)  Soldiers are pawns in a game of organised murder...


Start asking yourself for the answers to the questions being posed here. 

 Please don't skip these.  You won't see the bigger picture unless you do.  Thanks.

(7)  How do we trust anything from the "official" reports?


Part 2. What is "ISIS" according to local Iraqi knowledge.

Note:  these videos took me hours and hours to find on June 24-27 by putting in different keywords into YouTube Search. It did not reveal itself easily, but I knew this information HAD to be out there somewhere. Thank you Morris. Good job.

(1)  ISIS includes only 5% Sunni extremists said Iraqi local - Jun 22, 2014

Start comparing what you've heard on your mainstream media with what this Iraqi man on the ground is saying.

Three videos from Morris.  Excellent stuff.

Mohamed has heard NOTHING about mass killings.  He finds it difficult to believe that this would be true at all.

(4)   Is ISIS being used by US banksters & politicians to distract and horrify American people, so they will send their kids to war?

Morris states what I have been thinking for this last week

(5)  Food distribution by the group formerly known as "ISIS" 13 June 2014

This was the video that REALLY broke through the illusion for me.  

This video is SO incongruous to everything else we've heard about "ISIS" that I had to consider my next thought as an absolute possibility...


Part 3.  "What if... "

(1)  There's two groups called "ISIS" ... and one of those doesn't even exist

I start to REALLY see the media manipulations. They are attempting to withdraw the name ISIS from public consciousness. The riddle is backfiring.

The underlying Truth has become plain to see.


Part 5.   Media tricks and scams.  Examples ~

(1)   The Mainstream Media tells lies: Osama bin Laden

Rough justice. KNOW what you're trippin' on.

(4)  A short history of Wars, Magick and Money

Remember who you are.


Part 6.  Politicians:  Say, "I'm going to kill you", with a smile.

He managed to include all the "tells" in one sentence. At least he remembered his script, I guess...
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key said: "The United States is standing up against a terrorist threat, and it's trying to protect the innocent people of Iraq. And of course, we support those actions, 100 percent..."

(2)  John Key endorses "ISIS" mercenaries of Virginia USA to be bombed when on duty in Iraq ???

Ignore any of the "tiny" details.  Don't worry too much about the "friendly fire."

(3)  NZ John Key attends top level US Security Council meeting, June 2014

Just pretend like it's normal for a prime minister of a very small country with only 4.5 million people TOTAL living in it, to be invited into a top level high clearance, US Security Council meeting.  No...  I've NEVER been an advisor to Alan Greenspan, the old chairman of The Federal Reserve Bank before.  I've NEVER made shit loads of money off unwary investors ($60,000,000) while working as a Head FOREX Trader for Merrill Lynch in London prior to 2002.  No... I know NO-ONE in the US Administration at all.  This is all very "normal".


Part 7.   A second bite of the cherry...

This is the slower more complete process of what you find in the six points above. This is the experience I had, starting out in the last week of June.  I think it should prove to be a sure process of coming absolutely awake... If this is the experience you fully want. The process here is less of a cognitive exercise (which the process above in 1-6 is) ... and more of a full body experience and "knowing". Knowing is GREAT. You don't have to beLIEve anything then. You just KNOW. For this process to be at its best, you need to allow yourself to experience and observe all the feelings inside your body when watching the videos and reading the material.  FEEL.  And when you've found your Feelings again, you will find Humanity.  Welcome Home  : )

Thank you for coming with me on this journey.

Gratefully yours,
Bronny NZ

Please note:  All the work and research on this post and links are my own.  The Copyright status is: Public Domain Non-Commercial.  ie: no-one is permitted make money off the content of these posts, or print for commercial money-making purposes. It's all FREE. I stand by my research, which is referenced at every point with links back to original sources, mainly through the "Image source" links. 

The opinions are my own. These are my honest opinions. You will have to find your own. I expect no-one to blindly follow any of my conclusions without testing them for yourself first. You must do this. Don't take my word for it. Seek. Knock. Find. People will take from this material what they want. The time to be standing in other peoples' shadows is over. We must all take back our Crown and BE Sovereign. You are no longer a slave dangled at the ends of strings by the Master Puppeteers. That time is OVER. We walk into the light of the Sun (see link).  

My intention is to tell the Truth, to disclose, to expose, to explore what is REALLY going on behind the scenes. I am entirely and ONLY motivated by finding what's behind "the curtain". I write with no ill-will towards anyone. All are my brothers, my sisters, my friends. The roles we play are merely that... Roles assigned to us by the Master Puppeteers. Even what I Do here currently is just a Role. It is insubstantial. It is fluff.  It is not who I Am, at my most fundamental core. The same is true for You. We are all actors upon a stage(Shakespeare). Even he saw the trick back there in 1600. At the end of the day, there is only One.  And that ONE is ALL that is manifest and unmanifest. ref: Eckhart Tolle.

Peace be upon you...

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