Wednesday 2 July 2014

The People in Iraq fight off the IMF, UN, FED, UK, BIS, World Bank...

Technical University of Baghdad in June 2012
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"ISIS" is NOT the current fighters on the ground in Iraq, the nationals, the ordinary men of Iraq, who have come together in a patriotic army that is desperately trying to kick out the puppet "Government of Iraq" which is overseen by the US, the UN, the UK, etc...

The Iraqi "Home Guard", or as you might call it in America, the "Veteran's Militia", is called "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" in Iraq, which translates as "The Islamist State".

As you can see, "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" (ADAI) or "The Islamist State" (TIS) has NOTHING at all in common with ANY acronym that looks like "ISIS".

"ISIS" is actually a mercenary company based in the USA who employs only American citizens and then hires them out for whoever wants soldiers.

The name "ISIS" makes up part of a game the Mainstream Media is playing with Westerners and English speakers.  They use the word "ISIS" to mean the "rebel fighters" (Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah), but in fact the ACTIVITES they report about, are those of the mercenary company, called "ISIS".

It's all part of the smoke-and-mirrors propaganda the West is currently deceiving its people with.

"Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" are trying to get their country and their people back out of the grips of the IMF, BIS, FED, World Bank...

They DO NOT want to have their backs bent, as we all DO in the West, under a NEVER ENDING burden of DEBT to the Wall Street Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve Bank-based Kabbalistic Criminal Mafioso Bankers... amongst whom NZ's Prime MinisterJohn Key is one.

"Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" is taking VERY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION before their country ends up looking like Syria... Completely and utterly devastated

ISIL/ISIS distribute food in Iraq. 13 June 2014.

Published on Jun 28, 2014
ISIL donating food in Iraq. 13 June 2014.

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