Thursday 3 July 2014

A short history of Wars, Magick and Money

How did we get here... To this place where there are these endless rounds of wars?

When Rome fell and the Caesars fell (pr.'kaisers'), the Roman Catholic Pope who was selected from the wealthiest of the Roman families, kept the masses under control by fear of the afterlife rather than the fear of the gladius. The mercenaries had gone home. The Vatican struck up a bargain with Germania 488 AD and together they formed an impenetrable power base that lasted for 1,300 years.

"The Holy Roman Empire" ruled Europe and the Spanish-speaking Americas. The German monarch/ the "Kaiser" was titled with "The Holy Roman Emperor", ruler of all those lands from Poland, to England, North America, Mexico, Brazil and Peru.

Frenchman Napoleon broke that iron fist and in 1805, the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved... or at least, so the books say. My personal view is the seat of military power that did the Catholic Pope's bidding shifted to Washington DC, with Mary Land and Virgin-ia near by.

It's an old, old story. One that goes back through the Greek Cleopatra and into the magick dens of wickedness that practiced REAL wicked witched dark magick in the 18-19th Dynasties of Egypt. Lots of blood sacrifice... sodomy... paedophilia... Ritual killing of babies...

Judaism, Islam and finally Christianity (religions of the blood sacrifice) came out of that branch of Egypt along with the Son God Amun Ra, aka Amon, aka Amen. The story goes that Moses forbade the Hebrews from making the Golden Calf idol of Egypt, but they did it anyway. The calf grew up... and became a bull... The most ferocious bull who now rails outside the New York Stock Exchange where Bonds and Stocks that are traded on that exchange, ARE us... Slavery was never abolished.

Our Berth Certificates tie us firmly to the Dock of the Crown Courts in every city. We can only ever ask for "liberty" which is temporary - allowing you shore leave. Then you have to go back and begin your hard Labours again... until another cargo is Issued, is Berthed and Bonded once more as a new slave on the Stock Exchange, which is presided over by the Bronze Bull of Egypt. It all comes full circle.

And we war, to make money for the Masters... to satisfy their need for a blood sacrifice to ever expand their power - magick trickery. We become entangled in their illusions, through imagery, such as through TV, pornography, Playstation... so we become blinded. We don't even know to look down and notice we still wear the collar and cuffs of our slavery... The imagery still binds. Like the elephant who has been conditioned to accept that a small stake hammered into the ground is more powerful than its own great weight.
We wear our cuffs and collars proudly. We exchange paper and numbers still... telling our minds we need "that system" ... that money system. Because how else could you keep a record ?? We maintain a prison for ourselves in our living bodies... the literal meaning of the Cestui Que Vie Act passed in the 1 square mile ancient (Roman) city of London(-ium) in 1666 during the 3 days the Great Fire of London raged... another smoke screen while the English Parliament passed an act that made us all fictional dead entities in law.

We live in Competition, Individualism, Fear, Pride... And so we continue to prostitute ourselves to the Ancient Magicians of Egypt who continue to sodomise us and make us relinquish our humanity. And then we forget who we are... and they have us, in any way they want to...  - Because the mythology around the gold and the exchange is such a powerful magick. We are Collectively having trouble letting it go. And we put out our hand for the gold once more, and we willingly go to war... to sacrifice our blood to them. And this satisfies their blood-lust.

And when we remember who we Are, then We Are Free.

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