Monday 30 June 2014

MSM tells viewers that "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" (the organisation formerly known by the MSM as "ISIS") has re-branded. Yeah, right...

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On last night's local New Zealand "news", the American mainstream media announced the rebranding of Iraq's so-called "rebel faction", which they  have been calling "ISIS".

The reasons for this change i'm sure are manifold...

I'm sure the name change was needed in the first instance, because the spotlight has been fairly and squarely shining on this name, "ISIS", for the last few weeks.  When people carry out a Google or Bing Search, look at what they find - that ISIS is actually a mercenary training operation in based in Arizona, USA and is headquartered in Washington DC. 

- But of course the MSM told its viewers what to think (as always) in the voice-over of the following interview. 

ie: That "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" has changed its name from ISIS to "The Islamist State".

But guess what ??  "Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah" DOES MEAN "The Islamist State". 

So who gave Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah the name "ISIS" in the first place? 

Yeah... Of course... The mainstream media did. 

It sure wasn't the Arabic-speaking people, otherwise they would have used an acronym such as "ADAI" wouldn't have they  ?????

Here's the link to this item which ran on the New Zealand puppet mainstream news last night:

Did you hear that Islamic guy in the video EVER SAYING the organization had changed its name? 

No. He did not. It was NEVER said.

...  But that woman reporter with the refined, therefore 'believable', British accent certainly made sure of what listeners heard: 

"The rebels told me they have 'rebranded' 
and they have changed their name."

No they didn't. They didn't say that at all. That's all bullshit. All that Muslim guy said was: 

"There's no nationality. We are Muslims. 
There's only one country." 

A Spanish American and a Black American might say the same thing...  

"We might look different, with different customs, 
food, music, and so on.  But we're all Americans. 
There's only one country."

That Mulism guy NEVER said anything about a name change.  AT ALL !!

And he certainly never expounded on a "One World Muslim State", which is what the mainstream media tried to tell us was what he was saying. 

Don't let them tell you what to think. 

You have your OWN God-given mind. 

Please use it.

All of that patter was so evidently scripted...  To try to make YOU and ME think  that it was the group formerly labelled by the mainstream media as "ISIS", that had changed its own name.

... Then the MSM gave a very "logical sounding" reason for the "change". More propaganda.  No, the name was never changed !!  Face it.  The MSM lies to you...

Because there was never any "ISIS" in Iraq 
in the first place... 

... Unless you're talking about those American-trained mercenaries from that "Intelligence, Technology and Training" company based in Arizona USA, which ALSO  just "happens" to be called "ISIS", the REAL ISIS.

That's the "ISIS" the media kept reporting on earlier this year, and in early June... and they kept getting the American ISIS' activities all mixed up with the Patriotic activities of  Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah ~ such as mass killings and blowing things up.

... When in fact, Al-Dawlah Al-Islāmīyah are just out there trying to get their country out of the hands of the American-UN puppet-masters who set up their so-called "Iraq government".  That's NO government of Iraq.  That's just a bunch of slaves on their knees, bowing to the IMF, the CIA, the BIS, the UN and the rest of the Bilderbergers.

Yeah... The MSM continues to persist in its lies... or their confusion of the facts... or whatever this is  ???

Sheesh...  Talk about the mainstream media being lead by real idiots !!  

Or maybe they just think we are.


What the media has just told us is a complete fabrication.

They twisted the words of a seemingly reliable source, a member of the organisation they labelled as "ISIS", a pretty mellow sort of guy.  And why ??

Purely to continue perpetuating the globalist agenda for derailment of at least seven governments in the Middle East and North Africa, and confuse you. 

Thinking point:

So... What else could the be MSM telling you that is complete and utter bullshit ?? 

Please don't believe the propaganda streaming live to you in your living rooms via of the Kabbal-controlled media machine... which was only ever created so it could control YOU !!  

Yes YOU !!  

"Buyer Beware" !!!

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