Monday 7 July 2014

Trapped in the ILLUSION... Liked by 1/2 a million people. What a Trap !!

I was horrified to find this Group on Facebook this morning...  

Couldn't believe it...  

These  502,009  people who Liked this Page are ABSOLUTELY STUCK in the illusion.  

God help us...  

  Britain First
                       2 hours ago
Britain is a country that is soft on Muslim extremists and terrorists. We all saw with the brutal murder of Lee Rigby what appeasement can lead to, but does the government listen? Please sign our petition below calling on the government to lock up or deport all Islamic extremists and terrorists, our children’s safety comes first:

My replies on Facebook to the above post:

Bronwyn Llewellyn   Mate... Britain First... You're really IN the illusion, aren't you?

Bronwyn Llewellyn   I guess the numbers of people here Liking this Page make it really egoically difficult to let the media manipulation and propaganda go?  You just have to keep buying into it, don't you, to keep up the ferocity of this energy going out... inciting the destruction of 1/3 of the human race, through these rantings?  Think about it. Who's more "extreme" ??  YOU... or the "Extremists". Come on... You're just faces on the same coin that refuse to look at each other as HUMAN.... Real Living Flesh Blood Humans with feelings, fears, hopes, ambitions... WE ARE ALL the SAME !!!  You preach a doctrine of Separation.  And We Are NOT Separate.  We all live TOGETHER on the same planet... So get over it.

Bronwyn Llewellyn  And you think you're not under the Corporate Media Spell ???  

                                      (link added)

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