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CHINA LIED !! Shot heard around the world. It's going to be biblical. #DeathToll

March 28, 2020
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China lied about their numbers! The USA still has 7 weeks to go before getting to the end of the 4.5 month length of time for COVID-19 to infiltrate into every corner of a society. The worst time for death toll in any country is 3.5 months from the first reported case. The USA will be there by the middle of April. Sweden will be there by the middle of May.

Population of the USA is 330 million. USA took immediate preventative measures - stopped air travel, advised the population, is currently in quarantine right across most states. Current case number USA: 104,804 people reported to their doctor. 100,000s of other people will be asymptomatic - Infectious but never developing symptoms. Current deaths USA: 1753. The worst is yet to come.

Note: Doubling of cases is around every 3 days (for any country) all the way through the epidemic. Doubling of deaths (or more, tripling, quadrupling) can be every day at the 3-month mark!

Compare the USA's responsiveness with China's:

Population of China is 1.4 billion. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) told nobody! The CCP suppressed all information. Doctors and nurses smuggling the information out to the world at the end of December when the situation in Chinese hospitals became unmanageable were taken away for re-education... or worse :( Patient zero in Wuhan was likely a scientist working at the military-affiliated bioweapons lab Level 4. The lab is located in Wuhan city. Level 4 is the most extreme. The lab is located less than 5kms from the live animal market where the CCP claimed COVID-19 originated. This is a lie! See Professor Frances Boyle on this >

China finally had to tell the world at the end of January. There had already been a huge gathering of 40,000 people in Wuhan city in late January to celebrate the beginning of Chinese New Year. The CCP did not advise their own people to not hold this celebration. One can only assume that the CCP wanted the virus to spread far and wide. Unknowingly, Wuhan workers all headed back to their ancestral villages to celebrate Chinese New Year. The disease got rapid hold then, right across China.

The director general of the WHO Tedros Ghebreyesus is complicit with China in late and erroneous reporting of numbers, and all other illogical stalling, minimising and complacency activities ever since the world was notified. Eg: It took the WHO a day to decide on what to call the virus in early February, rather than get on with creating adequate health advisories for the world. The WHO have slow-walked the whole thing.

China eventually called for quarantines in all major cities, and out into the villages. Workers began to return to work from mid-March. You don't lock down an entire country for six weeks for the sake of 3 people per million dying of an infectious disease... but you might if 30,000 per million are dying!

China has lied to the world about the number of cases and the number of deaths. This is now clearly evident, now that case figures for both the USA and Italy have surpassed China's. China's population is 4x the population of the USA and 23x the population of Italy. The numbers speak for themselves... China lied!

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