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SWEDEN: Our politicians have no idea! Please translate excerpts and send.

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Hej, I am a researcher who has been studying COVID-19 since the first week in February. I am a resident of Sweden having migrated from New Zealand in 2018. The following is a letter I sent to a company yesterday who has very poor policies in place to cope with COVID-19. Please feel free to translate any part of this letter and send to companies, politicians etc, who you think needs to know this information. I will also be sending an edited version to Anders Tegnell... That man has no idea what Coronavirus is. Once again, on a very important issue, Sweden is completely adrift in a very dark sea.



I was horrified to learn about (company name's) management plan relating to possible COVID-19 outbreak in your office (a lot of people are currently sick), being: Employees are to work on alternative weeks, half at a time attending, in rotation week-about.

I come to the point quickly. COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that can be passed back and forward within a population. No immunity to the virus is activated in the human body. Therefore, if people have symptoms at all, they should not be in the office.

On the XX floor of XX building where a team of programmers are working on a camera system, a man on the floor has been coughing since the beginning of February. He works in a confined room of around 4 x 4 metres with two other people. This is the worst scenario you can have with this virus. He has not been asked to go home. He has not seen a doctor. What responsibility does (company name) have to all employees? What policies does (company name) plan to put in place to deal with such situations?

COVID-19 is airborne, technically known as "aerosolised". This means that what an infected person is breathing out is going into everyone else's lungs. This is not OK.

COVID-19 is not a naturally occurring pathogen. This has been found out in four independent studies which all had the same findings: It is a man-made virus with two insertions of HIV into it. Interview here > This means that the body does not build up natural immunity. There is no "herd immunity" and that will not happen any time soon. Recently, Swedish Socialministern Anders Tegnell said everyone should have normal contact. The man is horribly misinformed.

COVID-19 needs limited contact between people (all people whether well or not) otherwise hospital systems and resources are utterly stretched. In China where there was no forward planning and no public announcement about COVID-19, patients were left on gurneys in hospital corridors to seizure and die in public. There were not enough ventilators, staff, medications or beds. It was a terrible and tragic situation. You can find videos on YouTube that Chinese nationals were able to upload during January to let the world see exactly what was happening.

We do not want this same scenario to happen here in (place name), nor anywhere else in the rest of Sweden for that matter. Please be a part of the solution by paying very good attention to this letter, and by doing your own research on the matter so you can create company policies that are robust. The Swedish authorities are very poorly informed indeed.

The most effective treatments for this virus currently is HIV medication. China is the major manufacturer of medications for the entire world. It manufactures up to 95% of the world's medications. Shocking, I know! Since China stopped manufacture of all products at the end of January due to their whole population firstly going on holiday for Chinese New Year, and soon after were put into quarantine by the Chinese government, the world is not going to receive normal medications any time soon. This includes HIV medication.

Today (Thursday 19 March) it was also discovered from preliminary testing that Hydroxychloroquine malaria treatment is effective. Article > This will not be produced in our part of the world in any significant amounts predictably for a month. Further testing on human subjects still needs to be done.

I hope you are starting now to recognise the dire situation the entire world is currently in, and how very important it is to get a company's policies right.

Tuesday's notification from (company name) for employees to come into work on alternate weeks has no scientific basis. Here is the primary strategy that counties all around the world are using to prevent massive deaths... Quarantine!

That means quarantine for all people. COVID-19 can be carried up to 21 days without people getting any symptoms. This means that even if people are "well" they can become super-spreaders to everyone else without even knowing that they are infected.

Symptoms are not only respiratory. The most common symptoms include: Fever, fatigue, dry cough, myalgia (muscle pain), dyspnea (shortness of breath), diarrhoea, nausea, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting... and the death-knell symptom, which is pneumonia.

Here is my strongest recommendation: This list of symptoms needs to be posted on all floors and elevators in the (company name) buildings. There is a lot of misinformation about what this virus is and what the symptoms are. People are under the belief that COVID-19 is the flu. It is not. COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous illness that can only be eradicated from a population by stopping all interpersonal contact. This means: Quarantine.

If cough symptoms or difficulty breathing become severe, the person needs to go to hospital immediately for oxygen treatment. Otherwise if symptoms are mild, stay at home and self-quarantine. See video following, particularly from 12:05 >

Today, there was at least a little sense coming from Socialministern Folkhälsomyndigheten Anders Tegnell who advised that people should work from home if they can. Please see from 23:00 on the video dated today 19 March 2020 with the title of "Socialministern och Folkhälsomyndigheten håller presskonferens" >

This recommendation is ideal for a company such as (company name) since many people would be able to work remotely. Plans are already in place to make this happen. When will this system be ready? This has now become most urgent that all employees can access this system, and work from home... ALL EMPLOYEES as are practicably able.

People ideally would work from home whether they have symptoms or not. Many people will remain asymptomatic for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak in Sweden. People need to remain isolated from each other to make sure the spread of this disease completely slows down, and that we collectively "flatten the curve" as seen in the Nyheter video.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I am very happy for you to have further communication with me to answer any questions about this virus by email in the first instance, (email address),

Bronwyn Llewellyn

BA Otago University
Diploma of Teaching
New Zealand

Note: Communication with me can be done by leaving a comment on the bottom of this article. I will receive your message and not publish if it has personal contact details. Many thanks, Bron. 

Update: March 21, 2020

Fantastic outcome. Speedy. Decisive. Well done, that company! Please alert any companies that you know of who are either (a) not complying, or (b) unaware of the correct information about Coronavirus COVID-19, with a similar letter. Please feel free to use the template above and alter to your liking. Many thanks - Bron.

Update: Aptil 2, 2020

I slowly became aware that the company in question did not send all employees home who could possibly leave after the HR department had received my letter. No... Instead they adopted a policy where 1/2 of their employees would attend one week and 1/2 the next week, in rotation. The rest of the staff through alternating weeks would work from home! They never got it !!! But why should they when the Swedish Public Health Agency itself says it's absolutely fine for companies to stay open, children go to school, and everyone keep working as normal? It's absolute lunacy !!!!  And even more horrible... It wasn't just me who was being infected by somebody continuing to work at that company.  The child of one of the employees ended up with fever last weekend, and he hasn't reported for work (either online or at the office) for the last week !!!  :-(  :-(  I think things must be going very badly for this family. Thanks Anders Tegnell and everyone at FHM !!! This is the true face of your public policy! I hope you all get sent to jail for a very long time! This is not OK !!!!! 

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Statement on the impact of the Novel coronavirus outbreak

MARCH 20, 2020
March 20, 2020 The Covid-19 outbreak is now affecting many regions across the world.  (Company name) primary focus is the safety of our employees. Depending on the situation in each country where we have business operations, we have taken actions to reduce the risk of employees being exposed to the virus, including having employees working from home wherever possible. 
As we continue to experience strong demand from the market, many countries are at the same time putting restrictions on the movement of citizens, which not only creates uncertainty but may cause disruptions in our supply chain. Thus, another big priority for (company name) is to reduce any inconveniences for our customers.  
We are continuing to work hard to find solutions such as rearranging transport, working with multiple sources for raw materials and components in order to mitigate risk, monitoring stock levels across our supply chain in order to prioritize our efforts, keeping safety stocks throughout our supply chain and monitoring government directives.  
Our configuration and logistics centers and manufacturing sites are working well, and our suppliers in China are operating at almost full capacity again. The situation in other countries where we have suppliers is more uncertain, and we expect to see the effects in the coming weeks.
At this point, the main consequence that we can foresee is slightly longer delivery times in some cases. We are committed to keeping our partners and customers updated on a weekly basis about how the situation develops. For more detailed information, we refer (company name) partners to the Extended Lead Time List or to their regular channels.

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