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Mortality rate COVID-19. Chinese stats align internationally. 3 deaths/million!

The following is an excerpt taken from the menu on this blog "COVID-19"

Please note: 3 deaths per million only applies for countries where city-wide, region-wide and nation-wide quarantines are put in place (eg: China, South Korea) and where other effective preventions are applied, eg: flights stopped, border restrictions, masks used, hand washing and sanitising, where hand shaking is minimised, no public gatherings, no cultural kissing or licking of religious icons - as happens in both Italy and Iran. 

Ie: In a country like South Korea, with a population of around 50 million, we would expect the total death toll to be around 150 people. That's it! Good prevention! If preventions and public education are not put in place, this mortality rate figure will sky-rocket! - seen in both Italy and Iran, and now Spain. People seriously need to stop kissing each other, and stop kissing and licking religious icons - as they have been doing in Iran to show how Mohammad would protect the people. Nice one Iran! - now you've got a whole hay-stack of a problem. Let common sense prevail !!

March 7, 2020   
6:49 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 34 hours)
  • China - 22 more cases, 57 more deaths, 3174 more recoveries. Percentage of deaths to recoveries so far (workings by calculator) is 3070 divided by 55415 comes to 0.0554 x 100 = 5.54%. Now, let's work out the percentage of people in China who have reported having COVID-19 ("cases") being 80651 (total cases) divided by 1.4 billion (population) or 1,400,000,000 gives us the following 0.00005761 x 100 = 0.005761%. This means that for every 1,000,000 people in China, 57 people are showing up as cases to their doctor or to hospitals. Of that 57 people per million, 3.2 people are dying, based on the 5.54% rate of mortality we calculated above.

    Really ???   There are 3.2 people dying of Coronavirus per million in China? And yet, ALL cities in China are under lock-down, we see no air pollution, we see that less than 10% of normal traffic is moving, we have videos from local people that the streets are empty, and still the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is asking us to believe that this entire shut-down is happening because 3.2 in 1,000,000 people in China are dying ????  Give me a break! China is fudging its numbers. Add a couple of zeros on China's data and you're probably closer to the truth!

    Think about it... Do you think the responsiveness of other countries all around the world would have been much more swift if the CCP had not decided to give the world false data? Yes! Of course! The reactions of governments all over the world would have been very much different. Now, all we are waiting for is enough data to come out of Italy, Iran and South Korea to show us what the true percentages for communicability are (R naught - RO). Doesn't China's actions (inactions) just make you hopping mad ???  Welcome to 21st century communism - Say nothing. Do nothing, Hide everything... Save face. Doesn't it just make you so cross???!!!

So... China is giving us incorrect figures for cases and deaths. By how many degrees of magnitude? Why? At least we can ascertain that the percentage of deaths compared to case figures, being 5.54% is likely correct. As the emerging crises in both Iraq and Italy shows us (both outbreaks are uncontained as China was throughout January-February), we see the same early reporting rates of mortality for people who present to medical professionals as being somewhere around 2.5% (Iran) to 4.5% (Italy) currently. These rates will get much higher as resources in these countries become increasingly stretched - beds, ventilators, nurses, doctors, medication. The same scenarios are destined to unfold all across the world, unless politicians get a grip and decide to take very affirmative action and like China, command a complete nation-wide shut down and quarantine the whole population! This is likely where all countries are heading. Timeframe: 3 months from first detected cases until restrictions around people gathering are lifted.

Why is China giving incorrect data to the WHO?  What are the real rates of infection in the Chinese population? What are they hiding?  Why have the CCP shut whole cities down and put them into quarantine? This decisive action taken can only point to huge numbers in the population becoming sick in those first 2 months, mid-December to mid-February. Was there no other recourse than for the CCP to command absolute quarantine, right across the country? - Or is the whole Coronavirus crisis just a scam so the CCP can quell protests in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, and in Wuhan city which had ongoing protests about air quality, just before the outbreak of the virus? What is China not telling the world?  Why? Who is paying off Chinese officials to act as such?  Who are the hidden hands?  What is the agenda of the hidden hands? Where are those hidden hands hiding right now? - In rural forest retreats with stock-piles of food and supplies that will last for the next one, two, or even three years?  #DarkToLight   #ThesePeopleAreSick  The people of the world are not stupid  #TheGreatAwakening We see the agendas, eg: Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones. These actions and attitudes are appalling !!!!  It's time these sick people who devised all of this and those who are going along with these plans are rooted out of the population! They are a scourge upon humanity!  

My spouse Swedishly perfectly understates the case in relation to what's happening all around the world in all governments and agencies regarding COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus...  I think a lot of people are lying.

Thanks to my spouse for double checking and then triple checking all the maths above. He works professionally in IT as a computer programmer. His maths skills are excellent. What we present here as percentage figures is all based on the data given. The numbers don't add up with the actions that China has taken. It is highly illogical.


The Chinese figures align very well with percentages for mortality we see in other countries. The life-cycle of this virus seems to be: (1) Infect and affect a lot of people - very high transmission rate, (2) of all cases bad enough to report to the medical profession, around 5.5% will die. 

Note: That 5.5% is not the entire population, but includes only those people who reported to their doctor. Many, many more people such as my partner and myself here in Sweden will have mild or no symptoms at all - asymptomatic. We are not counted in case numbers. Millions of people will be in this category in all countries. We had 7 out of the 11 symptoms below, between us. My symptoms were mainly gastric - stomach cramping and mild diarrhoea for a fortnight with a small tickle at the back of my throat. I woke up at night twice coughing up phlegm. Make sure you spit out phlegm. Don't put this virus back into your intestinal tract. My partner had more of a cough than me, and we both had extreme tiredness. We both slept for 10-14 hours a day in the second week after we first noticed symptoms. Sleeping absolutely reduces the grip any virus can get on you. If you have symptoms, it's very very important that you just stay at home and sleep. 

Please see this most excellent video about the importance of sleep. Medical doctor cites studies showing how sleep is very very important in thwarting viruses. The body must be allowed to sleep! >

None of the following is medical advice. It is purely anecdotal, based on my own experience and opinions - blogger BronnyNZ.

The need for quarantine: I have been in self-quarantine for the last month (nobody told me to do it - It was just common sense) and will continue to be in quarantine as much as possible, mainly since I don't want a relapse. The only place I go is to my small supermarket early in the morning, before a lot of people get there. My partner only comes into contact with people in his work-place in IT. Other than that, we go nowhere. 4 weeks after first contracting the virus, I am still experiencing bouts of diarrhoea. I believe that's because of re-exposure since my spouse is returning to work every day, and it's definitely in his workplace - aerosolised (breathing and in air conditions systems), and on surfaces.

Asymptomatic spreaders: You can be asymptomatic and still be spreading the virus wherever you go. This is why general quarantine of whole cities, regions and countries is absolutely paramount. ie: Even if you are well, you just might be a super-spreader. You don't know. And your test result will also likely show negative, so testing of the entire population is a pointless exercise also.

International companies at greatest risk: My partner works at a very big international communications company with a lot of people coming and going from Asia and various other continents. He's an IT contractor - front end developer. He caught the virus there, on 10 February. We can pin-point the date. It's the day he started his contract. Lots of people on his floor were coughing when he started work he said, but most Swedish businesses had no idea what they were dealing with at that time. They were not sending anyone home! I was very cross at their ignorance! Now they know! Predictably, by the end of this week, Sweden also will have closed its borders with Denmark and Finland, and all other Baltic countries. 

Duration of the illness: By February 14 we both had very mild symptoms. From 21-27 he took time off work... and we both basically slept the week away. It was astonishing! But let your body do what it needs to do, and you will recover easily. After 1 week at home, he was able to think again so he returned to work. 

Use garlic: Use lots of fresh garlic - salads, dressings, in butter, added at the end of cooking stews and soups, just before serving. It is highly antiseptic for the system. It strengthens the immune system and purifies your blood. It's what we are using in large amounts to keep this virus down. Also, keep warm. Don't let yourself get a chill.

Company policies needed: Thankfully by Monday 2 March, the managers at my partner's work place had put policies in place around COVID-19. They were much more aware of what it was... Highly transmissible! Cleaning rotations within the building were doubled and options to work from home are currently being put in place. As hardware is needed to take home (computer boxes), the process of getting everyone out of the building is slightly delayed. This however, would be the aim. 

Re-exposure delays 100% recovery: My partner will be able to work from home for the next month which is great. Every day last week when he returned to work, his cough was a little worse when he got home, until by the weekend, he was quite bad again. Therefore: Complete quarantine for all people is needed wherever possible. Governments need to understand this, otherwise sickness, days off work and death rates sky-rocket. The economy needs to keep working to prevent absolute collapse, of course. Governmental financial support for people needing time of work is essential. eg: Trump has already put this in place in the USA. 

Exponential virus spread. Kissing !!!  We have seen exponential spread of the virus in both China, where the CCP did not notify the people about the virus (information suppression), and now in Italy - where they like to kiss each other all the time. I speculate that this is the primary reason why Italy is now in trouble... not because of so-called mutation, but purely because of kissing! In Italy, it's customary to kiss everyone when you meet them, even if you have never met them before. This is a major problem. France is about to run into this problem next. They are also a nation of kissers... so is Romania (we traveled there last October and got kissed a lot !!!! ), and i'm sure many other European countries also kiss random strangers in greeting. It has to stop! If you want to contain this virus, stop kissing everyone!

European countries slam borders shut! Overnight, both Spain and Germany closed their borders. It's about time! Angela Merkel should have done it three weeks ago! See my commentary about this on February 26 on this update:

COVID-19 statistics and commentary - February 26-29, 2020

Angela Merkel yesterday refused to close the German border. If she did, she would have protected all north western countries of Europe and Scandinavia. Her open border policy means that Coronavirus will be transported from Italy, France and Switzerland. Inevitably COVID-19 will be seen and felt in hospitals and economics within the next 2 weeks in our region! Thanks Angela #Globalist #Hegemonist  - not Christian at all !!! 

Note: My prediction came true. 

Mortality rate at around 5.5% - I do believe this is a much lower mortality rate than what the elite controllers of this world were hoping for. Their goal was to reduce the population globally to 500,000,000 (half a billion) people. Please see articles about the Georgia Guidestones (1979) which states this number explicitly. 

Qu: Why isn't COVID-19 killing more people then? 
Ans: Because they decided to release the virus before they had fully developed it.

Qu: Why did they decide to release the virus now then, before it was fit for their purpose?
Ans: Because they have run out of ammunition. They have nothing else left. They tried impeachment, fake sexual abuse allegations, Russia-Russia-Russia, Ukraine quid pro quo (bribery), and miscellaneous other tactics. Nothings sticks - because Trump is as clean as a whistle. No corruption there. Not a career politician. All Trump company books are regularly audited. They got nothing, There was only one final option left ......

My belief and opinion is this: The release of Wuhan Coronavirus #COVID-19 is a last-ditch bid to stop President Donald John Trump bringing down the FED and the whole Reserve Banking System which includes the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - a principality unto itself there in Basel Switzerland, the IMF, the World Bank (see Bretton Woods 1944), The Vatican - a principality unto itself there in Rome Italy, the City of London 1 square mile - a principality unto itself there in London England, and completely overturning all operations and expelling all swamp creatures out of the 10 mile square there in Washington, District of Columbia - a principality unto itself. 

Ie: Washington DC is not a State of the USA!  The Vatican City is not under Roman law. The BIS is not under Swiss law. The 1 square mile City of London is not under English law. eg: They are all tax havens... and much more.

That's what I think happened. That's why I think COVID-19 was released right now... And for the elites, the affects of this virus all across the whole world to kill masses of people is a great big fat fail !!  

The people have won. 

The above is my true and honest opinion.

- BronnyNZ


  1. Really appreciate all the work and research you do!

    Check out this link I think it would interest you, if you haven't already looked in to it.

    About 3-4 weeks after i saw this on, MSM picked it up saying "Charles Lieber has nothing to do with COVID-19" the article would leave me to believe different.


    1. Thanks Anon, Yes I was aware of Lieber. The development of COVID-19 can be traced through the University of North Carolina, to Australian labs and on to Level 4 bioweapons development lab in Wuhan China. This is an extremely good interview. Professor Boyle has been black-listed by the MSM for decades, since he told the truth about bioweapons development world wide. Please check this out >


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