Monday, 9 March 2020

COVID-19 data tracking from Worldometer - presented by Chris Martenson

Note: Disinfect all surfaces with bleach to kill the virus on hard surfaces. There don't seem to be very many bleach-based cleaning products in Sweden. The only one I found was a toilet cleaner... so I used this last week to disinfect the entire bathroom, bathroom tiles, shower, hand basin, toilet and floors. I will continue around the house with this product - It's called "Klorin WC Gel" purchased from ├ľoB. I got 2 bottles to see us through... And no - I am not introducing the end nozzle of Klorin WC Gel into the toilet... That's just nasty! I'm just putting the gel on my cleaning cloth or mop end, and using it that way, as you would with a normal cleaner.

Screenshots are taken from Peak Prosperity video channel. Click on images to enlarge. Compare data on screenshots by enlarging and then use the image navigation tool near the bottom of the page.

Worldometer original source

Video screenshot source

More charts will be added later today from earlier videos by Peak Prosperity.

Also, see COVID-19 tab on this blog for daily tracking.

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