Friday, 13 March 2020

5D chess master Trump declares National Emergency over Coronavirus [Plandemic]

March 14, 2020
The President's address starts at the 33 minute mark. Here's my analysis of this speech...

Trump is so smart!
(1) He's just gotten everyone in the USA to become germo-phobes like himself (smart!) - It keeps everyone healthy, even into future generations;
(2) He's allowed the Fake News hysteria to drive the markets down, thereby putting the USA in a position to buy crap-loads of cheap, cheap oil !! > and further disabling Saudi Arabia from running this shit-show #Wonderland
(3) Gotten the whole nation to back (without reservation or complaint), the nation-wide inspection of old people's residences, many of which I am sure have been operating with disgusting daily practices that make the lives of old people miserable. ie: Those residences will now have to buck-up! They are about to get inspected !!
(4) He shows all people in a very tangible way why nations need sovereignty to conduct their own business (eg: close borders), bring manufacture home to ensure supply chains don't break down, to ensure a nation's own economic security as a top priority.

Talk about a 5D chess master! He is amazing !!!

The plan-demic is working! Trust the plan - Q

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