Sunday, 29 March 2020

Why was Coronavirus COVID-19 released now by the globalist elite families of the UK and Europe? Coz Trump was winning too much and having too much of a good time: “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

February 7, 2020

Americans, Coronavirus is real... very real. Thank God you've got a president who shut the borders and ordered a national emergency. All over Europe, people are dying in the 10s of 1000s every day. Currently Italy has 1000 deaths a day, just this one country of 60 million people. In Sweden where I live, a county of 10 million people, the death toll is currently 110 people.

The way I am feeling is that a "no confidence" vote in government needs to be taken and all politicians and agency chairs and board members need to be removed... Forcibly shut down. Sweden has a monarch. During the interim of this crisis, the Swedish royal family could run the show. Even though their reputation is not golden, they would do a far better job than what the Swedish government and Public Health Agency is currently doing - They are wilfully allowing Swedes to go to the slaughter.  After all is said and done, resignations will be demanded and jail time will be given. Of this I have no doubt. It will be carnage here in Sweden by the middle of April. The tears are flowing already for the dead.

Don't be complacent about this disease America! China was lying about the number of cases and its death toll. This left the rest of the world unprepared. It's a tidal wave. Like Q said months ago... "It's going to be biblical."  Coronavirus will destroy Africa  :(  A lot of globalist heads will roll internationally over this. They all need to be held to account, right from Xi Jin Ping and the CCP heads right through to people like the Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell who is still sitting on his hands and playing dumb. He knows exactly the fire he is playing with! He himself worked at Solna Level 4 bio-weapons lab !!! He knows !!!!  And yet he plays dumb and gives the politicians the most hideous, erroneous advice! Why?

This indeed is the globalists' agenda ... For global depopulation. Go look at Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones. Right now, the Agenda is unrolling right under our noses, for all the world to see. Yes indeed... The Great Awakening is happening right now. We can now all see.

Fight! Fight! Fight! - Q

God help us all.

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