Wednesday 11 February 2015

English Children say WEDNESDAY is the big day of SEX for them !!

#WhistleblowerKids videos keep being removed from YouTube. Here is the next Mirror put out by YouTube Channels, which is why the numbers of views are very low on these videos...Please watch this video soon. Please click on the image to be redirected to the YouTube video. Thank you.

These Anglo-Russian children refer to their biological father, the perpetrator of these crimes, as "Papa".

The man in the video who is doing most of the interviews is the partner of the children's mother, Abraham. Ella had only been in a relationship with Abraham for six months or so when all of this very disturbing information came forth.  Abraham has been in the vangard of bringing this information to the world for months upon endless months, and supporting Ella to do so also.  Ella now has a blog that she set up in October 2015, Hampstead Cover Up.

The 'struggle' of bringing this information out into the world will be a long one. Please help us bring awareness of what is happening to these children (undoubtedly even now while they are in "child protection" services (CAFCASS) in South England), and to children and young people all over the world.  We NEED to tell the world that this is going on. Please share to all your networks...  Twitter, Facebook, in YouTube comments, to your personal email lists, and everywhere else you can think of. Thank you.

Video: Hampstead WhistleBlowers Fear Is The Mind Killer

Published on Dec 16, 2015
This video puts visuals to the confessions of the Hampstead Whistle-Blower Children Original Video made Aug/Sept 2014

Children of the Hampstead Satanic Sex Cult Need Us! THE STORY

Published on Sep 4, 2015

WARNING: This video contains content you may not want to see or hear so please be very careful about viewing it. The Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead UK and the Satanic Sex Cult Within.

Please Search on this blog (Co-creating): Hampstead, Satanic cult, Satanists, Molech, CSA, SRA, Child abuse, child sexual abuse, and so on. 

Child Testimonies documenting a Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK

Published on Dec 11, 2015

These guileless interviews were recorded by Ella and Abraham, the mother of the children and her partner, shortly after her two children, Alisa and Gabriel, disclosed to her that their father had been sexually and satanically abusing them for years. Anna Pauffley of the UK judicial system, in collusion with Bernard Hogan Howe, head of the Met police, frightened the mother out of the country, took them away from her and is now desperately trying to get them to "legally" live with their father. Yes, you heard right. The man they accuse of repeatedly raping them in this video.

I have reposted this compilation video because Youtube deleted the original as it got ten of thousands of hits over a period of 9 months. I wonder why it took them so long to get around to discovering this alleged "violation of their terms of service"?


"Dear MI5, we have licked your arse and protected an active child abuser, can we pay 4% corporation tax now?".


So delete this video and prove me right, Youtube. Maybe you can kick me off your site, too. I will be only too happy for you to remove all my spirituality videos and thereby cease all of my interactions with your devolving electronic realm consciousness.

Do you think RD would be able to help you with that?

- by Alan Wrightson

Children's Whistleblowing Testimony on Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK

Image source


Published on Mar 9, 2015
- Supporters of the Ella Gareeva's children

Children's Whistleblowing Testimony on Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK

Published on Mar 10, 2015

Why are crown own corporations using individuals to write how it deals with sexually abused sensitive claimants when these people, such as Felicity Goodyear-Smith, have known connections to pedophiles and child trafficking groups (or cults such as the Bert Potter Centrepoint cult) which have operated in New Zealand? Is acc designed to protect certain people's own interests? Ask questions.

Full Story of Kids Whistleblowing Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK
Published on Feb 12, 2015
This is not a hoax.
Recent medical examinations show the children have been repeatedly sexually abused. There are obvious signs of sodomy in both the girl (9) and boy (8).

The case was closed by Barnet Police on November 2, 2015 after they solicited a "retraction statement" from the children. The children remain in care with CAFCASS who the children name as being a part of this paedophile ring.

Around 20 other children are/were being abused at Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead. Also involved is the children's father who is allegedly one of the heads of the cult, other parents from the school, some teachers, head teachers, police officers, and social services, who provides babies for the ritual killings - as the children testify in earlier release videos, now taken down.

This video is a compilation of a dozen other videos put up on YouTube in early February 2015, that have since been taken down. Many copies of these original videos can be found by entering Key Words in the YouTube search engine.

The children's Russian mother Ella Draper was surprised when the children abruptly disclosed information about this ritual sexual abuse and baby-killing cult, while on a holiday last September 2014.

Other blogs and websites:   (Sabine McNeill)  (Sabine McNeill)

Background posts on this blog:

Two children were KIDNAPPED under duress by the authorities (CAFCASS) after they first testified to police in September 2014. Within CAFCASS are people the siblings named as among those who sexually abuse them.

These perverted adults are arousing children to orgasm against their
will. What...???  How sick can you get ?? Other perpetrators include clergymen, parents of the school they attend, UK police personnel , teachers and business people of the Hampstead area. 

Many people in England are turning a "blind eye" to this information when they see it.  Do they not seem to understand that it us up to US to mount this campaign and return these two young innocents to their mother.

The two children are hostages of the State right now. It's highly possible that they are still being used by PERVERTED ADULTS to perform sexual acts upon...  right now.

WE ALL need to spread the word, organise protests, sign the petition here, assist McKenzie Friends in London, and send this information FAR AND WIDE on Facebook and Twitter.

If WE don't become the children's voice, nobody is going to hear what has happened, and what IS happening right NOW.

- There is now an EU arrest warrant out for the Russian mother Ella Draper, and her McKenzie Friends legal counsel Sabine McNeill, who also fled to Europe in the third week of February.

It's up to US !!!  WE the PEOPLE of the World.  WE need to become "the media".  Because the msm is NOT going to cover any of this. It's up to us.

It's time YOU Acted - Wherever you are in the world, please commit to keeping this information in front your networks. Don't let them forget !!

Enough is Enough !!  Please DO something !!  Don't just sit there reading this article like it's "another" piece of information you can just absorb that someone else has written.  You have been conditioned to be a spectator - TV, sports, music, information-sharing.  Most of you leave it to the "news" media, to "experts", or to bloggers like myself.

Well, it's time to STOP being a spectator on the sidelines !!

The TIME for ACTION is NOW !!!


Share, talk, listen to videos, listen to radio shows, search for articles, go to the blogs and websites linked above.  


Don't be complicit with the abuses any more

Enough is Enough !!

A young brother and sister in England are regularly taken to houses, churches, venues, institutions where adults have sex with them. One of the main perpetrators is their own father, "papa". The boy explicitly says the people at the places they go to, have sex with him "up his bottom". 

The siblings have been taught to touch each others genitals. Men touch the boy's genitalia until "the white stuff comes out" as he naively puts it. 

All boundaries have been stolen from these kids. How else would we expect them to be? They have been coached to hold a knife while a man's hand covers theirs, and they cut the heads of living little babies, cook their flesh, and drink their blood. 

This is CHILDREN !! Kids couldn't make this shit up !!

This is not unusual in England we are told...  We've been hearing about Child Sexual Abuse and Satanic Ritual for DECADES !!

This is the First Time there have been child witnesses to speak out to the fact !!

Why has it taken so long for this information to come out... and for people in England to finally understand and look with open eyes at what is happening.

Why is it taking you so long to look ??  Who are you protecting ??


Whose babies are these anyway?

Do you actually KNOW how goddamned awful this is??

Wakey Wakey Brits.
Time to smell the Ceylon Tea...

The people of England, Scotland, Wales have been committing these CRIMES as a COLLECTIVE and covering up for Each Other. How Dare YOU sit back and let this continue ?? Who do you think you are, to allow this for GENERATIONS !!!?? 

My god... SAVE these babies and the young kids from further sexual abuse. STOP being a party to the cover-ups. And for heavens sakes... get Geordie Shore closed down. What kind of a role model is that for your young men and women? Or is this behaviour fine in your world ??  

Oh my heavens... Look at the freaking consequences of your so-called "liberal attitudes" !!  - It's killing kids !! These ARE Collective Crimes. You need to hold yourselves fully Responsible !! Only YOU (personally and collectively) can change the course that the UK is currently on. BE Change NOW !!

HAMPSTEAD - Satanic Ritual Abuse In #UK - Return 'Whistleblowers' Children! (removed)

Published on Feb 4, 2015

INSTITUTIONAL Satanic Ritual Abuse/sacrifice in Hampstead and the UK, MUST STOP NOW!!!

Return 'Whistleblower Kids' and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Family!

#RT ***WARNING*** #NSPCC #Childline #lbc #bbc #Metpoliceuk #Cafcass #DoJ #DfE DO SOMETHING... OR WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL!!! (as a consequence of 'its' exposure, the 'ring' may kill the remaining Child victims... SO WE NEED TO ACT IMMEDIATELY!)

#CALLOUT #WakeupBritain Our Children are being stolen, abused, tortured and murdered... DO SOMETHING!!! #DragEmOut

P.S. 'mainstreamMedia' do whatever you will with our posts... but rest assured NOTHING WILL STOP THE FORCE OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE! #NoJusticeNoPeace


Return 'Whistleblower Kids'


The Mirror on child abuse...

Here is just one example of THOUSANDS of cases that have been coming to the fore...

Police search Hampstead home of Labour peer Lord Greville Janner as part of child sex abuse probe

December 20, 2013

It makes you feel sick just to look at them.

Filthy, filthy men.  They are not even "men".


They are LOWER than ANIMALS. 

They bring the word "animals" into disrepute.

They are evil, demonic SCUM.  Non-humans in "skin suits".

It's TIME they were put away for a VERY, VERY, LONG TIME !!

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