Friday, 20 April 2018

The German Queen on the English throne owns it all - Even America !!

The following Navap maps chart the flow of the conversation in the video below. Because of the density of the information that Field McConnell is bringing, it's easier to listen while following the maps. I hope they help. Thank you - BronnyNZ

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Video: They rule the planet

American Intelligence Media - Published on Apr 20, 2018

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss how the United States is ruled by the British Crown through a convolution of secret shares, board control, and SES rat lines that make sure the Brits, through Serco, control the United States government.

To read more and see the proof yourself, go to:

Then read how the big puzzle fits together: 

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See "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu to find out more how we are still being ruled by the Pharaohs of Egypt to this day.  This is the "bloodline".


  1. You are a prophet. All musicians are called to be prophets. In the old testament, musicians were. This is why you write, to warn of danger. I am also. I am named after one, a sign of the calling. Maybe you are also named, your middle name if not your first name.
    See my books, music, articles at
    Book for musicians, What kind of musician are you going to be? Gods call to musicians.
    All musicians are called to serve God

    1. Hi there. That`s a very interesting reply. I played music in church for 12 years, and sung - bands and such. I do consider myself a `far-seer`, but not because i`m a musician... I came from a completely unsafe and violent family... `tuning in` was a totally essential survival tool. The Bible calls it `listening to the still small voice`. When the adults around you are unsafe, this is where children go to. I was 0-8 years old when all of `that` was happening. It opened my hearing and my insight. Have you seen my dreams on this blog... a d also, search `messages from the hologram`. I often see 11:11s :) Thanks for your link. I`ll check it out.

  2. Musicians are arguably the most influential figures alive considering Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” song clearly referencing our newer modern day slavery to Ancient Egyptian slavery and mind control saying “make me your Aphrodite” talking about how her fam has caused the masses to treat her like a modern day priestess/goddess such as “Helena of Troy” or in her very own words “Aphrodite” not to mention all other genres of music sing about glorifying Sin and a lack or morality and standards in exchange for a “pleasurable/joyful” life which is exactly the way people live now thanks to the influence of music and only because it has a good beat -.-


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