Friday, 20 April 2018

James Comey former FBI Director LIED and LEAKED! Breached "National Security"

Comey exposed for leaking classified information.

April 20, 2018 - by Conservative Daily Post

The Department of Justice released five memos on Thursday that were written by former FBI Director James Comey to document conversations he had with President Donald Trump. According to Fox News, at least some of the memos are marked classified, meaning Comey lied when he claimed he never leaked sensitive information.

Comey’s memos, which were leaked to the media Thursday night, completely silenced democrats and the many salacious claims they have made about the president. In the memos, three major claims are corroborated: Comey leaked classified information, Trump supported the Russia investigation to ensure no laws were broken, and Comey never once said Trump broke the law or obstructed justice.

Of the five memos — which were written by Comey and dated Jan. 7, Jan. 28, Feb. 8, Feb. 14, March 30, and April 11 — four were marked classified at the “Secret” or “Confidential” levels. Fox News reports that Comey has also admitted that he knew many of the memos were classified.

Comey leaked the contents of his memos to a friend in 2017 shortly after he was fired by Trump. He admittedly directed his friend to give the memos to The New York Times, who then published a report implying Trump could be obstructing justice.

Leaking classified information, as Comey did, is a felony per count.

In another memo, Comey wrote that Trump had serious concerns about his former adviser, Michael Flynn, and specifically asked about investigating whether he broke any laws. This major claim from Comey completely silences democrats. Trump not only supported the FBI’s Russia investigation, he asked Comey personally to make sure his administration and officials didn’t break any laws.

This also exposes Comey in another lie. The former director has claimed Trump “encouraged” him to end an investigation into Flynn. But in his own memos, Comey wrote Trump supported the investigation and wanted to make sure Flynn never did anything illegal.

Comey wrote that he never felt Trump broke the law or obstructed justice. The former director also wrote numerous times that he felt complimented by Trump, writing that the president told him he appreciated his hard work and efforts at the bureau.

In his own words, Comey wrote that Trump encouraged him to make sure his campaign and administration officials never broke the law with regard to the Russia investigation. He also said Trump never obstructed justice or did anything illegal. And what many are calling the most explosive revelation, Comey leaked classified information to the media.

All three are major revelations and absolutely destroy the talking points of democrats. Trump has been fully transparent and compliant, but Comey is now in hot water.

Leaking classified materials is very serious, especially for a FBI Director. Lawmakers may finally have an opening to charge Comey for breaking the law. Comey leaked anti-Trump memos detailing private conversations he had with Trump.

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Leaking memos was not in the national interest. It was in former Director Comey's personal interest to do this. Not ok. Every person who performs duties in a public role knows they are just a functionary. This means their own personal views on an issue, a policy, or actions taken by superiors can not come under scrutiny based on ones own opinions or on bipartisanship (party of choice). There is a process for such concerns should they arise. Comey did not follow any such process. He just fired shots willy-nilly, and put a lot of people at risk - including the national security of the whole of the United States of America. This indeed is a felony. The man is a traitor to his country. He clearly has no love for America. He was, is, and continues to be in self service. For somebody in such a high position, this amounts to treason !!  Lock James Comey up. He deserves to go to prison for a very, very long time!

Please see "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu and see how the SES operates within the USA.

Comey is clearly SES.

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