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Services Awareness Month

Thanks to the hard work of patriots like Field McConnell, Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media, and many truth channels now reporting on America’s shadow government, awareness of Senior Executive Services, in its many forms, around the world, is coming to light. This unconstitutional operation goes by many names as it hides in the shadows of government. They are employees who are loyal to a Marxist, global agenda, working to thwart the will of the people and to overthrow the United States of America.
It has many names like Senior Intelligence Services, Lead Executive Services, Executive Agency, Executive Services. Many countries have their own form of this shadow government operation. They are part of a deeper operation that tracks back to SERCO and the British Crown.
Let’s bring light to this hidden government so that we can fumigate it out of the swamp. Below we have provided you with videos and articles that you can use to educate yourself and then go out and educate others. We also provide an excellent research tool so that you can explore the Plum Books yourself and see who the SES enemies are.
To get started, here is a video that clearly and succinctly explains the operation. We suggest that you bookmark or subscribe to this video creator as she puts out excellent, professional videos on leading topics for patriots.

Headlines With A Voice - Published on Mar 24, 2018

Major File Dump Ongoing SES documents pouring in from anonymous sources confirm decades of treachery against the American taxpayer by our government institutions. Certain documents have a way of disappearing. Therefore, you are urged to download them and distribute them to multiple drives and/or portable storage devices to secure them. The site has a ZIP download button in the upper right hand corner. This is a compressed package of the entire set of documents in one file. Your techie friends will be able to unzip it, so download it even if you are not familiar with ZIP. The number of documents is growing daily. The SES documents contain names, dates, titles and events—all actionable and potentially indictable evidence.

To go back even further to the first discoveries of the SES on January 4, 2018 please listen to this excellent video by American Intelligence Media. You will find a back-up of this video here on my DTube channel. Thank you.
Video: Obamas SES Army Found

American Intelligence Media - Published on January 4, 2018

Obama’s deep state army has been found. It is highly organized, has over 8,000 well paid “soldiers” and they have their marching orders: Thwart Trumps’ attempt to clean the swamp.
We prepared an article for you that has all the details we are discussing:
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