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"Q Anon" prophetic drops on Cicada 3301. Sounds like original Q - right?

Eagles rain fire on the Canaanites, 
as the merchant of wine challenges Cyrus

The sword of Lilly joins with 
Jacob's adopted children.

Eagles - IDF F-16 aircraft flown by the State of Israel - the State of Rothschild

Canaanites - Original people of Canaan including the Philistines-Palestinians and the Hebrews

Merchant of wine - Saudi Arabia ??

Cyrus - Syria ??

Lilly - Lillith - the original name of "Eve" who was in the garden. She was one of the first monotheists. Perhaps Lillith-Eve is Nefertiti who was the wife of Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten. They were the first couple amongst Egypt's Pharaohs to follow a monotheistic godhead, "the Aten". The priests of Amun I believe took this form of monotheism into Canaan from c.1350 BCE after Egypt won the war against Canaan in c.1450 BCE. The Canaanites were very polytheistic, including the Hebrews, until the monotheistic triune Godhead came into Canaan out of Egypt and clearly, then entered Rome via Constantinople by 300 CE.

Sword - equates with righteousness in the Biblical sense. Also relates to the Archangel Michael.

Therefore: the "sword of Lilly" could be a reference to the angels who stood guard at the Garden of Eden to make sure that Adam, Eve and any of their children should never re-enter the garden. ie: The sword of Lilly could be a reference to the outcasts of the Garden of Eden - to those who once lived in an idyllic paradise and then they blew it. They decided they wanted to relish the taste of the fruit of "good and evil" - and thus all of humanity was forever after plunged into this world of duality - pleasure-pain, love-fear, gain-loss, abundance-lack, prosperity-poverty, fulfilment-desire (and so on).

Jacob - one of the forefathers of Judaism - a Hebrew, a descendent of the patriarch Abraham who comes from Ur in Babylon - Iraq. Which means the "promised land" for the Jews is actually Iraq >>  Ponder: "the Greater Israel Project" which lays claim to Syria, Jordan, upper Saudi Arabia and all of Iraq.

Adopted children - the Khazars of old Ukraine around the Black Sea and the Caucasus mountains, going down as far as Khazakstan who took on Judaism as the "official national religion" in the 7th century. They have been the "enemy within" Judaism ever since. The Kievian Rus drove those scoundrels out (850-950 CE)

These vagabonds became the AshkeNazi of Europe and especially of Germany - the money lenders. Their descendants are well-known and many are plainly recognisable by their appearance - Jacob Rothschild, Alan Greenspan, David Rockefeller (deceased 2017), Madeleine Allbright, Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga, Harvey Weinstein, Benjamin Netanyahu - are a few whose tribal lineage is shown in their faces. Khazarians. The "adopted children of Jacob" - The European, ie: NOT SEMITIC Jews of the mixed house of "Israel". Surprise, surprise. Judaism is not homogenous!

​You can find out more about the ritual practices of this group here > Khazarian magicians. Babylonian blood ritual magic. Babylonian Talmud.

Traditional Jewish ritual sacrifice at Purim, Passover and Hannukah

Lion - is a reference to the Bloodline Pharaonic families of Egypt. The "Nubian" (Ethiopian-Sudanese) or "Numean" lion as it became in Huculean myth was the largest of lions in the world 6000 years ago.

Bear - is Switzerland which is where the Pharaonic Bloodline ended up in 1291 when their descendants the Knights Templar established themselves in the mountain stronghold that is "The Sisters of Isis" (the Egyptian Isis cult was transported) and is the meaning of "Switzerland".

Infestation - impure Pharaonic Bloodline must be razed = brought to the ground, ie: defeated.

See chatzefratz on YouTube: "The Pharaoh Show".

#GreatAwakening  #UnProgramYourself

Solving Cicada 3301 2018 The Most Mysterious and Prophetic Puzzle of The Internet Age

Fright Knight - Published on Apr 8, 2018

The Cicada 3301 puzzle of 2018 is here and many solvers have been at work solving the puzzles. It all start in Jan of 2018 and is far enough along that I could share all of the findings from the solving community. For those who do not know who Cicada 3301, they are a group of highly intelligent individuals that share the same beliefs and recruit like minded intelligent individuals through the complex puzzles. The cicada 3301 puzzle in know to be the most elaborate internet puzzles that circulates around the globe on the internet and real locations. Gold, artifacts and even the spear of destiny have been found. The 2018 puzzle is suppose to top all of the previous years puzzles, it is never too late to start solving. This is what has been solved so far. 

All Cicada Solving Links: 

Huge shout out to all of the solvers! 

For the Best experience put on headphones and turn off the lights. 

Eagles Rain Fire on the Canaanites | Cicada 3301 Prophecy and Israel

Defango - Published on Apr 10, 2018

So Cicada 3301 nailed it again. The prophecy was so exact, so deadly accurate,we have to assume this is no longer an ARG, but white hats trying to literally save our ass from WW3. Lets take the puzzle prophecy piece by piece.

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