Wednesday 11 April 2018

Have you heard of SERCO yet? Field McConnell: Control of plane autopilots - BAE

SERCO - The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of

Lionsville - Published on Apr 8, 2018

Ole interviews Field McConnell, who was born into a military family, and who has witnessed the fight between good and evil in the world today. Field has turned into a whistle-blower, shining light on the deceptive practices of those powers that are manipulating our world affairs. Field speaks about SERCO, the "biggest company that you've never heard of", a private company out of the United Kingdom, which he claims is responsible for running the entire US Military.

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Field McConnell's sibling is former Deputy Associate Attorney General Kristine Marcy.

Field McConnell connects to 911 through three separate "synchronicities". (1) Frances "Chick" Birlingame, (2) North Dakota International Guard, (3) his sister, Kristine Marcy. 

Douglas Gabriel talks to 911, Agilent Technologies, SERCO and the British monarcy.

The above maps are derived from the following April 8, 2018 Field McConnell interview: 

American Intelligence Media - Published on Apr 8, 2018

In this revealing discussion between Field McConnell and Douglas Gabriel, Field announces that “SES is dead in the water.” Join Douglas and Field as they plan to take down the next target – SERCO. Then move to the next level of corruption – the Crown Agent. Get on board, patriots. We have a world to save and no time to wait.

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